Bridges, bridges everywhere

We all know Grava loves his bridge building, but it seems Medierra made good use of them during the game’s early development as well.

" More of a kit bash than a coding trick, but when I first started Grim Dawn , I was basically by myself. I had a couple other guys helping out in their spare time (mostly former Iron Lore colleagues) but I was the only one working full-time. A few months later, a programmer joined up, but we never had a full-time artist until after our Kickstarter. I ended up using some of my personal savings to pay for contract art, and one of the first things I had made was this wooden bridge. It had flat wood boards, long rounded beams and these iron railroad spike looking things like giant nails holding the wood together.

Over time, the people who were volunteering their time got busy with work and life and drifted off. It got to a point where not a lot of new art was getting made. I’m no artist, and my skills are limited to photo-source texture work, and only the most very basic of “modeling.” Really, I can’t do much more than move existing pieces around, and can adjust UV maps with mixed results.

But I was desperate to get more environmental art so I could keep making progress with the world-building. Out of necessity, I’d open up this bridge and use its individual pieces to create new wooden structures. It ended up that I created quite a lot of stuff from it. Other bridges, plank walkways, porches for the houses, fences, debris piles, the gallows platform that you see at the start of the game, sign posts, a table, house roofs… Eventually, after the Kickstarter, when I was able to hire full-time artists, some of that stuff was remade but pieces from that original bridge are still used for a good number of things."

Do the Crate devs have some sort of bridge fetish I wonder. :crazy_face:

I can’t believe I missed that. Got his comments on TQ from that article 2 years ago and missed this. :woman_facepalming:


The invisible squirrel story is gold.

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Yeah, I love that one. I posted it somewhere here on the forum back when I found that article, but I couldn’t find where I’d put it to add this to it.