Brimstone problems

I have currently 1 point in FS, ES, SSand 6 points in Brimstone but there is no difference as compared to only 1 point in only firestrike. Even when shooting tightly packed mobs only one mob at a time is affected. No AoE. Is there any animation associated with brimstone? As i dont get any.

I have GD from gog, 1.o.o.7 ver with crucible.

You should see red spikes fragmenting from the point of impact. Maybe change lightning or shader detail? Tough you should see anyway. Also GoG here

silly silly me . I must have accidentally deactivate it and I was using autoattack :frowning: took me almost an hour to figure it out and i was even about to reinstall…time to call it a day and go to sleep.

thx for a quick response anyway :slight_smile: