Browser Devotion Tree

This might just be me, but I found myself looking over the Constelation map a lot. I mean a lot a lot lol. To the point where I would flip between the game writing skills down and trying to figure out what should go with what. Deciding the best use of devotion points to get useful complete constellations and then use the completion bonus for greater constellations is difficult.

More to the point I think it would be really helpful to have an online version of this. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy just the constellation map online allowing you to put skills in. This way instead of writing down different requirements/completions you could put the points in/remove and see how they effect the end result constellations. I just think it would be useful so I don’t have to keep writing stuff down to figure out what constellations I should use hahaha.

You can calculate, skills and devotions. Just click a class and you are golden to go to devotions after

Thank you so much :smiley: