[BUG] Previous Building Overlay Constantly Popping Up

I click on a production building, then hit ESC (possibly another action), and the building overlay will continue to pop up as I mouse around the map.


In the case above, I move my mouse and the fishing shack continues to pop up all around the map…above other overlays.

I’ve noticed it 15+ times. I usually reload my game and it goes away. It happened on build v.0.7.6 and previous builds for the last month.

Thank you for your time regarding this issue.

Right clicking after placing the building will get rid of the placement overlay. The same applies to the Flatten Tool and road placement, though it does sometimes take a number of right clicks to make it go away for the Flatten Tool and road placement.
I get why it works this way- building shelters, you may want to place 3 or 4- one after the other. This lkets you do that without having to click [B] to open the building menu over and over. But it is a tad annoying with laying down roads and selecting areas to use the Flatten tool on.I end up having to cancel build commands for roads and flattening on a regular basis.

Right click doesn’t help but thanks for the suggestion. Only happens with buildings that have been built. Happened today and I clicked every button but the ratcatcher building overlay remained on the screen until reloading the game.

Edit: I used WIN key to switch between the game and this forum. Ratcatcher building stopped popping up. I have no idea but at least I don’t have to reload.

Press B, find the annoying building, hover the mouse over it - sorted.

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