Bug Report(0.7.6,map was created in 0.7.5)

I’m not a native English speaker so i don’t know if i express it correctly and i don’t know the English name of these buildings either.

I creat this map in 0.7.5 and restart in 0.7.6. In new game after i built this building the worker can’t be added in to this build and shows these words in picture.

That’s the Compost Yard, and it looks like while the widget isn’t rendering, you don’t have enough gold to pay for the upkeep of the Compost Yard. It costs gold monthly for it to work.

Ohhhh.Thank you!

Looks like a tag didn’t get translated last pass, we’ll address that for the next update.

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Ok, thank you!

Did some testing on this, if you play a map you started on 0.7.5 some of the new features get glitched, such as unpaid services. On the previous versions, you would get unhappy villagers are leaving. Might need a little clean up on the code.

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