Bug Report - Build v0.7.5F - Hunters Idling

I have two hunting cabins next to three deer spawns. There are 16 deer within the circle of these hunters yet they are “unable to work” and remain idle. Screenshot available.

Do the hunters have bows/arrows?

This happens to me rather frequently despite plenty of hunting gear being available, but they just stand next to their building with the status “Hunting”, but without moving at all as if they were idle.

It seems to be an issue with them forgetting their assigned hunting zone, as it usually gets fixed instantly once I reset their assigned zone.

They do have equipment. This was a new town freshly started, built two cabins in the first year.

Thank you @Crynsos your solution resolved the hiccup. Once I moved their zone slightly they started hunting again.

I also just noticed this happening to a Forager, which had plenty of food available to grab since many years - moving the circle fixed it again.

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