Bugged (?) Bane of Nuram'Siin


I swear - many times while I am trying to cast this item skill called " Bane of Nuram’Siin" - it doesn’t get cast. Most often on bosses. But not always - like in 30% I press the corresponding button repeatedly and… nothing.

Can anyone check if it’s a bug? Or maybe some bosses are immune to it?

My guess is that bosses are immune/highly resistant to it. Many monsters are resistant to freezing and often a bonus to -% freeze duration or resist is necessary to freeze them. There aren’t very many items or sets that offer this, but off the top of my head, the Mageslayer set has this bonus which allows Olexra’s Flash Freeze (OFF) to actually freeze bosses.

assuming it’s the same type of attack like Olexra’s Flash Freeze, ie primary purpose is CC, then Rancor is correct
such type skills does a CC resist check first, if enemy is immune by having 100-500% freeze res, nothing happens, not even dmg or devotion triggers; 99% of bosses are immune to freeze
^with lots of heroes having 50-70%-80% resist, means it will have such reduced effect it can be over in the blink of an eye, although dmg will still apply

Thank you for your responses.

My issue with it is that it not only does CC but also some dmg and when boss is immune to CC, spell also doesn’t do dmg. It breaks flow of battle for me. I would prefer the spell to even do minuscule dmg but go off so I can do my rotation. Strange that it isn’t cast at all.

should be cast even if enemy is immune, it just wont have any effect on them
if the spell/skill itself isn’t being cast and not going on cooldown, probably just means you “cancelled” it by being too quick on the buttons piano’ing in a new skill before the free was fully cast

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This is why it’s nice to have cast speed even on cooldown casters, like Trozan’s Sky Shard builds, for example. It helps your inputs not get eaten.

Trust me, I have observed it calmly, standing and pressing one button many times - nothing was happening. And this item ability is cast super fast, maybe instantly. So - no way I was cancelling cast. It just doesn’t get cast if monster is immune to freeze.

So if skill isn’t cast, in heat of battle I think that I did something wrong - maybe I’ve not targeted any creature, so I try again and again - and so I am wasting time doing nothing. IMO it would be a lot better if skills this type would be cast even when doing nothing.

just tested it myself
it’s not an OFF type skill, ie it’s not doing a freeze check first, it’s applying dmg even to freeze immune enemies/and is being cast
what you’re likely facing is simply an issue of range in combination with it being a direct target attack and not having classic/casting off/on(don’t remember which) where char will cast skills even if out of technical max range for the spell - in this case char will do a cast animation but no spell goes off, so you have to manually walk closer

Daaamn, thank you - it was problem with being out of range. I’ve tried it with Training Dummy - the cast range is very low but if I was out of range - casting animation was shown but spell was not cast. When I’ve come in range, it was ok.

Still, I don’t think that casting animation should be allowed if spell cannot indeed be cast.

enable classic casting if “fake attack” is an issue, will make your character automatically walk in range first to attack
*assuming devs don’t fix this in the skill/template
atleast i’m guessing it has something todo with the type of skill it is which means it might just be how it is

There was a bug with its cast settings that was introduced in the expansions. It is fine in the vanilla game.

It will be fixed in v1.1.9.8.

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Awesome! Thank you Big Z!

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