Build - 0.7.5f After quitting to main menu music volume resets

After quitting to main menu music volume resets.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start the game from steam
  2. Set music volume to 0
  3. Start new or continue a game
  4. Quit to main menu
  5. Boom music sound is back on

Video: Farthest Frontier 2022 08 27 music volume bug - YouTube

Even more to this, the setting for your chosen volume selection is still set. In game, if you load and get full music volume, you can go into settings and as soon as you open the audio settings, the music volume reverts to your selected settings, instantly making it no longer required for you to be in that menu in the first place.

The bug here is that the music volume (and possibly other effects) do not check the settings each time an instance of the sound manager is activated. By this I mean, I have noticed that in one game (not Farthest Frontier), if I turn off my TV which has audio running to it through the HDMI from the graphics card, then this disconnects the audio device and the game loses it. Turning the TV back on results in no sound in that game, even if I went back to the main menu. In Farthest frontier, this is resolved by restarting the audio manager when you go to main menu or load a new map, so my theory on that is when you switch to main menu or load a game, create a new map, the audio manager being reset anyway is missing a call to adjust to saved settings.

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