Build adjustment

Hi guys,

I’m trying to make a full build for my Spellbinder but I have some problem regarding the survivability. This is the grim tools link :

The purpose of this build was to mix elemental damage and aether damage. I have rearranged the devotion by adding more survivablity but it’s still the same. My resists are great but I have no way or regaining HP (like lifesteal, etc…). Do you guys have any idea on how I could rearrange this build to live long enough to farm alone ?


Why so high spirit?

Get rid of Necrotic edge and keep Mark of Torment 10/10

Get mental alacrity for energy managment, and lower Arcane Empowerment?

Start to overcap Maivens

Try Reckless power instead

You had too many points into Callidor (you can only get it to 26/16)

Get some stun resistance perhaps?

You do not have any enough reduction for elemental damage, and you do not have Widow, why?!

Something like this:

…and herein lies the problem.

I would read this for an in depth understanding of how a seasoned theorycrafter would typically build a spec.

IMO, spending the time needed to finetune this spec is an endeavor in waste because:

  1. It would result in a whole different toon
  2. It might be more beneficial to your future crafts to understand why the toon you’ve drawn up isn’t viable as opposed to trying to salvage it.

P.S. I honestly believe veretragna’s guide doesn’t receive the attention it deserves. Fantastically structured and painstakingly written, it explains how to make a top tier build without presupposing too much game knowledge from the reader.

P.P.S. Furthermore, I can safely say that veretragna will be MORE than happy to reply any questions posted on the thread should the reader want clarification on the more obscure game mechanics.

I will try that. Fixing everything, lowering spirit to get more health. Thanks for the tips.

Why ? They don’t mix well together ? A lot of necro / arca spells relies on either fire, aether, cold and lighting. I tought that mixing elemental damage was something great to do. My first intention was trying to find the skill that could mix well together by the type of damage they make.

Thanks, I’ll try to read that to get more knowledge about building. To be fair, I kinda launched blindfolded, hoping that everything could mix well together.

Oh. It wasn’t a criticism on my part. (I’ve done far dumber things)

The how/why of improving this build is essentially covered by veretragna’s guide. I was merely trying to be helpful. :slight_smile:

10/10 MoT makes little sense imho. Either 6/10 or as high as possible.

Little bump here, is there a way somewhere on GrimTools to see the % resistance reduction for a given type of damage ?