Build advise (shieldbreaker)

Hello Fellow adventures,

I recently got my first char to lvl 100 but I’m not so sure if I’m doing alright. I just did the Ultimate Steps of torment but got killed by the endboss. I almost had him but it made me doubt if I am strong enough for any of the other endgame content.

So long story short could someone check my build out and give some pointers on what I should change or what set item I perhaps should farm.

You have pretty good itemization. There’s some work to do on your component/augment choices though. 2200 OA with ascension shouldn’t happen.
In the Devotion path, you should take eldritch fire. I’ve tried Light of Empyrion in a few builds, and I’ve always come to the conclusion that taking other layers of defence was overall better. But that’s only my feeling.

Regarding the SoT fight, his cold pools are very nasty, just like Kra’vall’s, if you stand in them. Just avoid them at all costs and you’ll be fine.

life steal and ghoul devotion

Thanks both. I changed my devotions a bit took the ghoul one and killed the boss this time with no problem. Got 2328 OA now and 2366 DA might still be a bit low but its better then it was :smiley:

Perhaps you wanna grab the Blazeheart sword from the Daila secret quest too

I have that sword but the DPS is lower if a compare it with my current axe

dps in game display or the actual killing time on targets?

The flat bleed damage from the axe will not be applied most efficiently on targets since you do not have that much rr for bleed.

btw, you can get more OA by removing some points from Resilence and get DA shred from Crushing verdigt or Flashbang (they will not stack, so choose)

you will get more OA and DA later, when you can swap components and get other augments like osyrs temper. Now you need your current augments for resistances