Build Compendium Organized by Skill (Version 1.21 Newly Added: Updated for 2022)

What a great idea and effort! THX alot! The GT-link above leads to a spellbreaker though.

This is the new version, it’s much faster than DM, 4:33 real time. And it’s pretty safe too (goes to show how awful lightning melee is). Will upload the video when i have a chance.

I don’t really do guides anymore, too much work for too little impact sadly. I have about 50 complete builds unposted. There is a chance i’ll do a generic building guide at some point though, and i’ll dump everything i’ve made in there.


Isn’t that phys res too low for a melee build? It must get destroyed in SR.

Phys res is only one parameter. Hp pool and good CC res save it.

All your builds seem too glassy to me.

I don’t share a build if it’s unsafe even when played correctly.

You meant incorrectly :wink:

Defense is and has always been subjective. What’s enough tankiness will always depend on who’s playing the build.


For those who think I rushed this thread: Labor Day weekend is the only weekend I’ll have in at least a month that I’d have the unfettered free time to migrate my posts from Microsoft Word (which was 17 pages and took over a month to compile) to Discourse. Ideally, I’d initially have the rough draft in a private thread so I could polish it up before releasing it live. I’m not caught up in the ways of Discourse, so I thought it would be much easier and more efficient for me to have the thread in Discourse and polish things up in Discourse. If people think it’s better to start the thread privately and release it when it’s more ready, I can do so.

As for earlier questions, I do want to keep in mind that some people like to play the game using their desired skill, as opposed to the “meta” way which is use the most optimal leveling skill until Level 94 when you have the items farmed. For people who want to play Primal Strike, to use the example, you can’t do Cold Primal Strike until you have the Conduit, which requires the Conduit recipe alongside the RNG necessary to have the right prefix.

With that in mind, I have an idea which might please people: remove the categories so that people don’t confuse it with a formal ranking system, and instead make a mention of what’s required in order to make the desired build. So I would make a heading like:

Primal Strike
Lightning (easiest for leveling or some phrase like that)
Cold (requires Conduit of Wild Whispers with Primal Strike prefix)

That way people can see what’s required to make the build so they’re not confused. I had assumed that the build threads would explain the necessary things, but sometimes, people like more explicit instructions.

I appreciate people bringing up ways to better optimize the thread’s vision. It’s definitely easier for me to edit things when I already have the thread, so don’t take the alpha version as a judgment that I’m not willing to do the work necessary to refine things and make them better.

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Information presented cannot be judged upon your personal issues. The fact that it’s a month of work makes it even harder to understand why you rushed it.

Conduit blueprint is sold in the new dungeon which effectively makes any conduit based build, in vacuum, more accessible than any legendary set based build. Of course, in this particular case lightning PS is easier to assemble because of how many slots you fill with just one helmet recipe.


fyi AlkamosHater’s Counter Strike Retaliation Witchblade link is private so I cant view it. May want to verify each of these links is correct and functional.

Thank you! If you can somehow host a text dump just containing links to all those 50 grimtools builds, I’d be interested to see them too.

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That’s weird, I can see the Retaliation Witchblade link just fine. Is it because I have the shortened link - with just the thread number - instead of the whole title to save character space? That may be for one of the website administrators to answers, because I go through each link and can see the threads with no problem.

Also, I completely overhauled the Soldier post to provide a better presentation. Please let me know how you think about it.

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Im not sure, it could just be me. Can anyone else verify if the link is private for you?

I get this when I click on it.

Could be the linking’s not correct. I get the same for Sir_Spankalot’s Acid Retal Warlord too.

I found the culprit that was causing the links in both builds you mentioned to go bad - I fixed the links, as well as some broken or mis-directed GrimTools links.

My sincere apologies for being an idiot dunce moron total illiterate and providing a poor quality first draft. I have - since Friday - removed all separate sections (except for outdated builds / builds who haven’t cleared Crucible or high SR but are the only examples of that particular type), fixed the formatting, and provided a template for how I will present the builds using the Soldier and Demo classes as proof of concept. I also plan on discussing with the top builders on how to better organize the rankings. Once I follow through with the other classes, I think it’ll look a lot better than what it was before.

The important thing is: keep killing Crucible and SR! Show what you’re made of!

Those are two different builds.

What I’m finding really useful from this compendium is not just categorising by the skills, but especially the enabling items being stated right with the build. To see a build idea and know I can complete it just with some craftable objects rather than farming a rare MI or complete set is really helpful to prioritise build options!

I hope it keeps expanding and fleshing out, don’t worry too much about performance imo, leave that to the build descriptions in the dedicated posts (i.e. SR/Crucible times etc). Just keep building out skill focus with required/enabling items.

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Banana_Peel’s Trickster Grimtools
Duchy’s Trickster Grimtools

There’s really not too much difference between the two builds - the important thing is that there’s documented proof that one can beat both Crucible (which Duchy doesn’t do) & high SR with Cold Primal Strike.

Yeah as I say, they are quite different.