Build Compendium X (Forgotten Gods)

[Caster] [] Ruinous Apostle (Evil_Baka)

Think I’ve done this right? Add it into the beginner’s section if you don’t mind.

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Hi, Dragon, can you add this beastly beast to the Compendium, please?

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Hey Dragon, can you add this two builds:

  • [DW-Melee] [] (mi) (cr) (vid) Bamm-Bamm BREAKING SKULLS - DW Pyromancer / Dummy 10s / Mad Queen 4s (Poisonman2)

    • Damage: Chaos
    • Active Skills: Fire Stike, Flashbang, Thermite Mine, Blood of Dreeg, Doom Bolt, Blazing Eruption, Unleash Chaos
    • Passive Skills: Flame Touched, Vindictive Flame, Blast Shield, Solael’s Witchfire, Possession, Severed Faith
    • WPS Skills: 2x Burning Void, Korvaak’s Brand
  • [DW-Melee] [] (mi) (cr+) (vid) Malkadarr’s EXECUTIONER - DW Reaper [5.24 c+] / Dummy 0.10 / Mad Queen 0.05 (Poisonman2)

    • Damage: Cold, Frostburn
    • Active Skills: Beronath’s Fury, Amarasta’s Blade Burst, Bone Harvest, Ring of Steel, Mark of Torment, Pneumatic Burst, Upon Rylok Wings, Shadow Strike, Blade Spirit, Summon Nemesis
    • Passive Skills: Veil of Shadow, Harbinger of Souls, Spectral Binding, Chilling Weapons
    • WPS Skills: Whirling Death, Execution, Reaping Strike, Necrotic Edge

and update this, please?

  • [Caster] [] (mi) (cr+) (sr) (vid) PATH OF DESTRUCTION - PB Trickster Ravager/Avatar/Lokarr/Crucible (Poisonman2)

    • Damage: Vitality, Bleeding
    • Active Skills: Phantasmal Blades, Blade Spirit, Ring of Steel, Pneumatic Burst, Wendigo Totem, Devouring Swarm, Upon Rylok Wings
    • Passive Skills: Mogdrogen’s Pact, Primal Bond, Veil of Shadow, Aether Ward


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Two Malawiglenn’s builds should be deleted (threads don’t exist anymore). Links to posts/dual classes:

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Hey Dragon, here’s another one.


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  • [Retal Caster] [] (sr) (vid) (L) The Root and the Crown Lightning Retaliation Grasping Vines Warder (A_S00)

    • Damage: Lightning
    • Active Skills: Grasping Vines, Savagery, Wind Devil, Overguard, Wendigo Totem, Blitz
    • Passive Skills: Mogdrogen’s Pact, Fighting Spirit, Menhir’s Will, Military Conditioning, Shield Training, Decorated Soldier, Counter Strike, Scars of Battle, Menhir’s Bulwark
    • WPS Skills: Markovian’s Advantage
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Thank You Dragon :slight_smile:

[DW Melee] [] (SR+) [The Burning Crusader] (fordprefect)

  • Damage: Fire
  • Active Skills: Fire Strike, Thermite Mine, Flashbang, Ascension, Dark Desires
  • Passive Skills: Flame Touched, Vindictive Flame, Summon Guardian of Empyrion, Divine Mandate, Presence of Virtue, Blast Shield
  • WPS Skills: Korvaak’s Brand, Smite

Greetings, Val. Since version has stabilised it’s time to add the Behemoth

  • [] [Caster] (mi) (cr+) (sr+) (vid) Behemoth (grey-maybe)

    • Damage: Physical, Internal Trauma
    • Active Skills: Albrecht’s Aether Ray, Vire’s Might, Nullification, Mirror of Ereoctes, Ascension, Amatok’s Breath.
    • Passive Skills: Presence of Virtue, Divine Mandate, Iskandra’s Elemental Exchange, Maiven’s Sphere of Protection, Resilience

Hey, Dragon. One more warder for compendium

  • [2H Melee] (c+) (sr+) (vid) Thunderbolt
    • Damage: Lightning, Electrocute
    • Active Skills: Primal Strike, Blitz, Wind Devil, Wendigo Totem
    • Passive Skills: Field Command, Mogdrogen’s Pact, Stormcaller’s Pact, Stormcaller Aura, Whirling Blades
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Hey Dragon, can you add this build, please?

  • [DW-Melee] [] (mi) (cr+) (vid) Poison Ivy MUITO TÓXICO - DW 4k OA Sentinel poisoned Ravager fatally (Poisonman2)

    • Damage: Acid, Poison
    • Active Skills: Righteous Fervor, Vire’s Might, Curse of Frailty, Plague of Rot, Ascension, Blood of Dreeg, Dark Desires
    • Passive Skills: Solael’s Witchfire, Path of the Three, Presence of Virtue, Guardian of Empyrion, Eldritch Ruminations, Devout of Dreeg
    • WPS Skills: 2x Burning Void, Smite
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Another Templar for you Stupid_Dragon :slight_smile:

  • [Caster/Melee] [] (mi) (sr) Olexra of Vire (Duchy)

    • Damage: Fire
    • Active Skills: Vire’s Might, Olexra’s Flash Freeze, Judgment, Stormfire, Phoenix Rise, Ascension, Nullification, Mirror of Ereoctes, Summon Guardian of Empyrion
    • Passive Skills: Iskandra’s Elemental Exchange, Maiven’s Sphere of Protection, Presence of Virtue, Divine Mandate
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Thank you Dragon :slight_smile:

[DW Melee] [] (SR+) (MI) [Taken Sorceress] (fordprefect)

  • Damage: Aether
  • Active Skills: Fire Strike, Thermite Mine, Flashbang, Will of the Fallen Kings, Nullification, Mirror of Erectoes
  • Passive Skills: Flame Touched, Reckless Power, Maiven’s Sphere of Protection, Iskandra’s Elemental Exchange, Vindictive Flame, Blast Shield, Arcane Will
  • WPS Skills: Korvaak’s Brand
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  • [Channeler] [] (sr) Spinning Inferno (Duchy)

    • Damage: Fire
    • Active Skills: Eye of Reckoning, Curse of Frailty, Ascension, Blood of Dreeg, Judgment, Summon Guardian of Empyrion, Vire’s Might, Dark Desires
    • Passive Skills: Presence of Virtue, Divine Mandate, Solael’s Witchfire, Burning Weapons, Burning Weapons
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First submission, hope that it will be all right! Thank you Dragon!

  • [DW Melee] [] (SR+) (MI) [Firebomb Archon] (Tarazet)

    • Damage: Fire, Burn
    • Active Skills: Righteous Fervor, Judgment, Chaos Strike, Wind Devil, Wendigo Totem, Ascension, Vire’s Might
    • Passive Skills: Mogdrogen’s Pact, Summon Guardian of Empyrion, Divine Mandate, Presence of Virtue, Resilience, Burning Weapons, Consecration, Serenity, Insight
    • WPS Skills: Korvaak’s Brand, Smite
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Is there a reason for splitting the list into 2 parts, is it a website limitation perhaps?

Left over from the previous Compendium holder who decided to make Oathkeeper classes top of the list for reasons beyond my understanding. It’s trivial to fix, just a little bit tedious. An eyesore for me as well, but I keep it this way since click counters will reset if I fix it.

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I see, thanks.

As far as I know it was just because the Oathkeeper mastery had just been released so a lot of interest in builds using it. Probably seemed sensible to keep them altogether rather than people having to try and remember the new class names to try and find them amongst all the others.

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Please add this one to the compendium:

  • [dw ranged] [] (hc) (sr) (vid) (L) Gargaban Defiler (RektbyProtoss)

    • Damage: Vitality
    • Active Skills: Fire Strike, Bone Harvest, Thermite Mines, Flashbang, Ill Omen, Mark of Torment, Blackwater Cocktail
    • Passive Skills: Flame Touched, Vindictive Flame, Spectral Binding, Harbinger of Souls
    • WPS Skills: Reaping Strike, Necrotic Edge, 2x Burning Void

Thank you for your work!

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