Build Compendium X (Forgotten Gods)


  • [Caster] [] [Decaygeis Sentinel](build url) (Crab_Turtle_2112)
    • Damage: Vitality, Vitality Decay
    • Active Skills: Aegis of Menhir, Curse of Frailty, Blood of Dreeg, Ascension, Dreeg’s Evil Eye, Vire’s Might

All hail almighty Dragon!


Another new build:

And two updates:

I think we should probably change the requirements for sr-, sr, and sr+ tags, since there has been global buffing/power creep.

Hi, can you add this?

  • [Caster] [] A hunting witch - Dreeg Witch hunter (Serafim_94)
  • Damage: Acid
  • Active Skills: Dreeg’s Evil Eye, Curse of Frailty, Amarasta’s Blade Burst, Ring of Steel, Bloody Pox, Shadow Strike, Blade Spirit, Pneumatic Burst, Blood of Dreeg, Murmur’s Kiss

One moar. Thanks!

Anotherone cooked up :slight_smile:

  • [Caster] [] Allagast - Mage Hunter (Grigor)
  • Damage: Aether, Lightning
  • Active Skills: Storm Box of Elgoloth, Trozan Sky Shard, Inquisitor Seal, Word of Pain

Another new build:

  • [DW Melee] [] (sr+) (mi)x3 (vid) [Something Clever About Axe-Stabbing] - Brutallax Savagery Trickster (SR80, controller friendly) (Bagel)
    • Damage: Piercing
    • Active Skills: Savagery, Amarasta’s Blade Burst, Pneumatic Burst, Wendigo Totem, Shadow Strike, Blade Barrier, Displacement
    • Passive Skills: Veil of Shadow, Mogdrogen’s Pact, Primal Bond, Stormcaller Aura, Whirling Blades
    • WPS Skills: Belgothian’s Shears, Amarasta’s Quick Cut, Whirling Death, Execution, Korvaak’s Brand

And two more updates:


My latest build. Can you add it to the compendium, please? Thanks!

  • [2H Melee] [] Bleed Apostate (Crab_Turtle_2112)
    • Damage: Bleed
    • Active Skills: Word of Pain, Siphon Souls, Horn of Gandarr, Inquisitor Seal, Mark of Torment, Word of Renewal

Another two

Another another two:

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Another another another two. Probably my last for this patch:

Hey, Stupid_dragon, can you add this steelclad beast to the compendium, please?

Hello! Let me know if anything is missing. @Stupid_Dragon

I came across this sometime ago. Is this build still viable? I have trouble following its devotions. Maybe with the updates, these devotions isn’t possible?

ofc the devotions are possible

hello! haven’t written anything here for a while, but it’s time again


Not much point as Stupid is no longer updating the compendium and no one else seems to want to take this on in his place.

Best just to make whatever links are needed for builds to go to grimtools builds section automatically from here.

shame, but I should’ve known