Build for beginners

I was looking compendium but i dont find something easy for start the game , im new and i want a easy build guide because i tried like 2 and was a waste of time coz they were so expensive for a beginner , anyone can help me with a easy build and easy to understand (im spanish and sometimes is hard for me understand little things)? idc if is melee or range , just want to have some fun and get ultimate in softcore :slight_smile: ( sorry for my english :slight_smile: )

Try my build:

Many players say it’s very beginner-friendly and simple, yet powerful enough to push through almost any in-game content.

ty ill read it after work

MortalKombat’s build is excellent (especially the Crucible tips), although if you want something that doesn’t even contain legendaries (which you won’t have initially), see the guides linked in the New Player Knowledge Compendium. Stupid Dragon’s builds and Nightmare’s Vitality Cabalist should be just what you’re looking for (all gear purchasable/craftable for beginners).

Well, as beginner player, you will mostly rely on faction vendor stuff and magic/rare items with decent mods. There are several decent faction vendor items, that support physical forcewave, that might give you an edge before you’ll find something better. Sure, dont expect too much from that stuff, but still. After all, considering how easy the majority of non-AoM content is, it should be enough for farming better items.
Use Grimcalc to overlook faction vendor stuff, as it’s the easiest way to get decent gear for beginners.

After all, no matter what build you choose, with faction stuff and few random items, it wont feel really powerful. As it should be, BTW.

really thanks , ill read all now but prolly ill get the vit cabalist , looks so easy and i want that for my first try to get the end game :slight_smile: