Build for farming from start

Hello, I am pretty new to this game. I have one Spellbinder 36 level and thats it. I made it on my own, so its pretty weak and gets destroyed in crucible (aspirant diff. - 30 wave). Are there any good builds for novices like me? Id like to be strong from early levels to pretty much end of the game (ultimate). Id love to play any class, any combo, no matter if its melee or ranged. Well, just preferably no more summoner builds :slight_smile: Thanks a lot.

I can say that my Vindicator was pretty powerful right from the get go. I didn’t feel like I had to go to my mules at any point, and definitely just road out my existing gear far more than typical. I don’t know how well it’ll due without any help at all, but up to 60, it’s been smooth sailing without much help.

I basically went Inquisitor with 10 points in it for ranged expertise and bursting rounds. At level 10, I picked up Shaman, and get Brute force and Savagery. I took Savagery up so I could get the transmuter for 2h ranged. I then got Inquisitor up for Word of Renewal and Inquisitor Seal.

While I have gone to my mules, the character has never needed it to this point. He’s way overpowered at this point in time. Ultimate AoM will definitely push him, but I doubt anything up to then will. He faced tanked Log at level 45 (10 levels earlier than any other character I’ve played). And has finished all of Veteran at level 57 without ever coming close to dying.

By any chance, do you have a link to your guide? Or grimtools? I am new to this forum, tried clicking your name and looking for something like “posts” but without any luck. Sounds really strong and interesting, two classes that I would love to play. Thanks a lot.

I’ve never written up a guide. But I have over 1000 hours in the game and this may be the strongest character I’ve played out of the gate without much of any assistance.

so this is it? (will link it up in next post due to rules). what would I pick after that? Should I put less points into some skills or is max on everything fine? And what attributes should I look for in my items. Thanks:)

I am, or was in the same boat as you OP. I was starting over from scratch, so I went with this build http ://www .grimdawn .com/forums/showthread.php? t=48083 and I am at 75 right now cruising along. I like playing this build, and I’ve basically just followed the guide exactly. It is powerful, but not OP to the point of falling asleep while playing it. You can still die if you don’t pay attention.

I honestly have no idea if this build will continue to be strong in Ultimate, as I only just started Ultimate, but so far I haven’t had an issue, but I’ve also been careful to keep my resists up.

Hopefully a more experienced player can chime in with a good build to start with that isn’t too faceroll and boring, but so far this has fit the bill for me. I can’t submit links yet, so I had to break that link up with spaces. Maybe if you search for Fist of the Northern Star it will show up, or just copy paste and take out the spaces.

Inquisitor is probably the most OP class right now. Pretty much anything + Inquisitor will work even if it doesn’t share the damage types.

Do you remember what devotions you went with?

Typically, a good farming character will come after a couple other character playthroughs, but if I was going to recommend a no-gear starting build for farming I’d probably say go either warder or perhaps witchblade. There’s several good guides for both.

For me, poison caster Witch Hunter. That character was the easiest character I’ve ever made and I can’t recall ever hitting a wall when progressing. Poison DoT is so ridiculously overpowered in this game there’s not many enemies that can withstand a full burst of skills/devotion procs that aren’t Nemesis or end-game content.

There are bosses early in the game that gave my other characters trouble, but my Witch Hunter literally melted them in seconds.

I’m still a bit fragile from the time I ran my poison witchblade into SoT and blew myself up. lol

My mistake, I know.

Happen to have a link for a current build for this Witch Hunter?

It’s my own, but I can probably just outline skills and devotions for you if you wanted. Since poison damage stacks, you can easily reach 100k+ DoT ticks with the right devotions and debuffs with shitty gear, but you’ll be squishy.