Build for next character glad 150-170

Sup guys, been browsing the forums quite abit. As my current char is almost lvl 100 and i do want to farm abit of blueprints on him, im currently already thinking about a next char. Rigth now i have a pet buffer / mob debuffer cabalist and let my pets deal all the damage. I want to be more active in my next build. I want a build that can clear glad 150-170 and seen a few nice builds already. Which of the following builds require the least farming for specific endgame items and is playable for a casual like me?
Build 1:
Build 2:
Build 3:

Build 1 is a purifier gun + shield
Build 2 is a aether spellbinder caster
Build 3 is a Aether melee battlemage or DK.

if you have any other build in mind that is pretty casual but able to clear game on ultimate / gladiator 150-170 let me know and ill check it out. Would prefer a leveling guide aswell, thats why im having such a hard time picking a build from the ‘reasonable powerfull builds topic’. Most of those builds just have a picture of grimtools and not an actual guide with leveling tips, devotion path etc.

The spellbinder would require better skill (well reflexes really)

As for being easily farmable…none of them really are. All require sets and/or specific legendaries. The battlemage is best here as kriegs set is boss(es) specific but it still needs a handful of legendaries (well, mindwarp/will of the living) to really shine.