Build for Nightshard?

Never actually seen a build using it and wanted to know if anyone here has one to recommend. The shield looks so sick, would be a shame to never use it imo.

I heard it works well with Ghol Ritualist but I don’t recall having seen anyone test or post any results.

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It’s a cool looking shield but I will admit, I still haven’t found any use of it. It’s good for vitality I guess but at same time it support 2 additional dmg types which makes it a little confusing (it wants me to use all 3?). That sort of thing.

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Yeah that’s why it’s been in my stash forever, I don’t understand the instructions. And my usual solution to this problem (looking for a build made by someone smarter than me) didn’t work haha

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There was a poison vines build that used it IIRC I’ll try to see if I can find it.

Edit: Found the thread Dark vines archon