Build idea : Tanktem

Hi everyone !

I plan to made a vitality tank-caster totem focused.

I imagine a build like that :

It’s a viable ?

No idea as to viability… but you’d be getting low return on bloodpact (none if your damage gets the leech or flat dmg) and same for Solaels witchfire. Much better imo to go doombolt and flesh out cof/vuln some more. Still not saying itll work though.

Should be viable, I know there are a few older Conjurer builds going around by Pohx and Ceno

a quick search

Ceno’s post

Your skills look like the good old, generic Vitality Conjurer which i also have a lot of experience in playing including the Crucible.

It used to start choking 100+ in Gladiator due to damage limitations but post xpac release it might have work out better since there are a lot many more item options.

If you wanna base the build around totems then you’ll need to have a high CDR and there aren’t many Storm totem support items in caster(off hand) direction and the ones that support don’t do towards Vitality damage sadly.

Try to theorycraft for Cabalist and Ritualist also, maybe you can find good stuff too.