Build recommendation for getting my gf into the game


I have been playing the game a lot and recently managed to get my gf to promise to play the game with me :slight_smile: (we play D3 together but I like GD more)
Now she is not someone who likes to creates her own builds and the whole skill system in GD is what stopped her from getting the game before.

So! I was hoping if you guys could help me choose a build that would be fun for her to play. She does not have the expansion yet. She said she would really like to play a ranged character and, if possible, dual wield pistols. It would be nice if it wasn’t extremely item dependend and if she had some buttons to push (and not just right click for example)

And what would be a nice class to play along with it? I was thinking about playing a defensive soldier, so she would deal most of the damage and I could try to keep her safe.

Tnx for the help!

first thing i have done in the expansion is start a dual wielding shooter.
if she likes that, she should definitely get the expansion, as the inquisitor has a talent focused on increasing damage output, which is INSANE.
i have played multiple characters to 85 pre expansion, but none of them have melted through enemies like my current Purifier (Inquisitor + Demolitionist).
I havent thought out exactly what i want to be in the end, but so far the demolitionist main hand attack skill for ranged + inquisitors dual ranged skills are a blast (literaly) to play.

Well, if u want safety, o guess a DK with some summon would help on it.

Let your GF pick inquisitor as a supporter, imba class

If she doesn’t have the expansion yet, she won’t be able to choose Inquisitor or dual wield pistols until level 20 or 25 when the Gunslinger’s Jacket or Gunslinger’s Talisman become available.

Other than that, if she’s more inclined towards skills than right clicking things to death, she should have a look at a build that eventually uses the Barrelsmith set of Pistols such as this one.

Would you happen to have a link to your build?

I suggest letting her pick what every character classes she likes, that might sound appealing to her. You want her to pick something that might make her stick around. Have her pick 1 class point per level, so at level 20, you have 20 points total in classes. Based on feed back from her, on what type of character she wants, you help select the skills progression to keep her on track.

A huge part of the enjoyment is the build. While it is overwhelming to a noob, it can still be fun as long as you help narrow down the skill choices for her. If she doesn’t enjoy a melee character, making her play one because it’s easy isn’t going to help her stick around.

Just make sure she enjoys her self.

I was going to make a dual pistols (DP) joke, but that might have been in poor taste.

Well, I have nothing constructive, so I’ll leave you to it.

here is the build as i would probably finish it at level 100.

im not sure about the gear, its a bit all over the place and not optimized, also i will have to make do with what i get.
resistances will be corrected with augments/enchantments

Tnx for all the replies guys! I have her starting as a demolitionist. Now trying to convince her to get the expansion as well haha, so she can choose the Inquisitor as the second class. Well, she said she enjoyed her first time playing the game, so perhaps I can make her an addict after all! :slight_smile:

New to the game? Vit conjurer is ur best option as its almost impossible for u to die but any pet comboes will work just fine. Beginners shouldnt even attempt stuffs like dualwield so tell ur gf to forgit bout it:p:p. Once u guys beat the game 1-2 times and got some nice gears then u can do wutever u want but imho dualwielding ISNT a good idea for beginner same with any rightclick kite/melee builds. U really need to be THAT good to kite stuffs in GD and melee is just a chore…:smiley:

Based on a similar situation in my household I would recommend the Inquisitor class.

Because she’ll be asking you a lot of questions.


win her heart even more and just buy her the expac immediately, you are her boyfriend after all:rolleyes:

This man knows the vagaries of love. Trust him.

Haha, true that. Should say it differently. I’m trying to convince her to let me get her te expansion. :slight_smile:
She is one of those people talking about having too many games unfinished haha.

@DmonBlu: I myself have finished the game a couple of times. She is new to it but is a fan of Diablo 3 and Torchlight 2.

This is a variant on a build that I like very much; it should more than fulfill your girl’s need to press buttons :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a pyromancer build with the primary class being demolitionist for damage and main stunning, with a splash of occultist for additional healing and some different debuffs. At lvls 20 and 25 you can craft items for dual-wielding pistols.

I’ve left devotion points unallocated; like I said, it’s a variant I haven’t tested.

It’s not very item dependent either; just focus on fire and lightning damage, with health, health regen, and the usual resistances for defense.

I built it with enough physique so that you can use medium weight armor.

It’s set for level 100, so reduce points in stun jack and canister bomb, and drop some of the extra occultist points as necessary if you don’t have the expansion.