Build survival

Hey guys,

after reading through some builds and the thread I posted about favourite builds, an interesting point (to me) was brought up. Excluding blood of dreeg and pneumatic burst, how do other builds survive without these burst heal abilities?

Also I’ve seen a lot of talk about ADCTH and I was wondering with the (seemingly) small amount of ADCTH that you can get from gear and devotions, just how important is it?

There are numerous ways:

  1. Giant’s blood (behemoth), accesible for a variety of builds, good heal.

  2. ADCTH, especially for fast hitters is one of the best heals. Once your damage numbers and attack speed are up in the clouds, even 10-15% result in crazy healing despite enemy defenses. (With my trickster it’s actually more dangerous to use pneumatic burst than just whacking, cause whacking heals ~60%HP/s or even more)

  3. High regeneration in defensively strong builds. 1800 HP/s with overguard and menhirs bulwark (and all that stuff )active means reduced damage incoming while passively healing a crapton of it (or all of it).

  4. Circuit breakers on items and through skills. Immunity allows you to keep damage up while downing a tonic.

  5. Wendigo Totem (shaman only) It’s just that strong. Can use Devouring swarm together with Totem for enough life to populate a desert.

Depending on how you deal damage (either weapon damage or not) ADCTH is either great or utterly useless. If useless, you need to look elsewhere.

mirror of erectos + health pots and a shit ton of devotions/abilites that trigger at x%healt/and life regen if both are on cooldown. giantsblood, the scale thingy, golem boots, turtle devotion, 2lifesteal rings if mellee, lifesteal amulet etc.

Turtle Shell, Wayward Soul, Tree of Life’s skill, Wendigo’s Mark… Dryad.

Also, with enough HP and resists, you can often kill things before being in serious danger, so you can just use your constitution between packs, and a potion in boss fights.

Turtle Shell… :cry:

What Naasir said, is very good advice.

Menhir’s Will + Blast Shield… it’s like a TWO Duracells (rechargeable) running on an outlet.

And ADCTH is fun.

You can get a lot more than you’d think, actually.

Soldier + Warder with over 30k health and ridiculous health regeneration and a ton of healing procs.

Damage is another question though lol.

Life Regen is very easy to get especially if soldier is one of your classes. Combined with 2 of these Giants Blood, Tree of Life and Waywards Soul and you can become damn near unkillable.

You can get over 100% ADCTH actually, if you really push it and pop that granted component skill. Haunted Steel I think? Anyways. Healing off your damage, and healing for more damage then you are doing… Hehehe.

Here’s a tip even though your not gonna use skills above your main skill point line is good to get too adds more health, cunning, spirit and spirit especially if you don’t know where to put those extra skill points. This is how other builds without healing to survive cause they have incredibly high health.

The reason I asked is because I was inspired to try an all cunning commando after reading JoV’s (I think?) all cunning blade master utilising the sharpshooter set, though might ditch the rifle for a silverbolt. So I was wondering how a build like that survives? I’m sure a lot of people will think it is insane to try it and the devotions are a little tricky because I am interested in using the unknown soldier but so far completing normal I have died once to an absurd situation. Focusing on pierce damage with phys damage and a little bit of bleeding and fire as incidentals.

Caution, life saving procs, and be sure you don’t run out of potions. I’ve totally died because I went to pop a potion and I was out, don’t do what I do.

If you want to build it like I built that BM your survival will largely depend on ADCTH, ofc you can go more defensive route but than build will lose the flavor of going all to cunning. Since ADCTH is remover from unknown soldier you might consider Ghoul or Bat if you want some extra ADCTH, or put HS in weapon.

Thanks very much for the reply. You have many builds that when I found them inspired me to play this game. So many builds so little time. Yeah, I am trying to find the best way to do my devotion path and still retain survivability and damage output. Considered haunted steel but is it viable if you have no vitality boosting? Also does bloodthirster proc from a ranged weapon? Devotion paths are quite a tricky thing I am finding. Do you rush for your tier 3 constellation or do you play it more safely and pick up other constellations first and leave the tier three as the ultimate goal of the build? It is a shame that the shooty constellations don’t better fit with trying to get unknown soldier.

I have not played ultimate yet so a little nervous but I am being super aware of having my resists as good as possible and covering any holes in the resists and survivability with augments and components. Little worried about the armour ratio provided by the sharpshooter set but I guess as always there are ways to compensate.

You should check items, mastery skills and constellations who grants skills like this:
“X% + yyy Health Restored”.


Dryad’s Blessing
Giant’s Blood
Wayward Soul
Healing Rain

Mend Flesh
Wendigo Totem

which is better for a duel wielder, say spell breaker. I’m finding they are kinda squishy, but damage is insane.