Builds for co-op

Hello All,

I am looking for a build to play with my wife. We are level 40 currently and I am a night blade and she is a soldier. I would be willing to reroll my night blade.

She likes melee and blowing stuff up with 2her. I enjoy shadow strike so far on my night blade.

We will do campaign and crucible.

Thoughts on builds that work well together?


Wife - add Shaman, go Warder. Her buff from Mogdrogen will be great. Playing through campaign and low level crucible, she can probably get away with going both lightning and physical, but Shaman supports pure physical/internal trauma pretty well too. Feel free to ask away.

You - Nightblade, add Occultust, go Witchhunter. Your debuff from Curse of Frailty will help both of you. I would recommend acid/poison, as it’s very easy to gear (and stay away from Solael’s Witch Fire. It looks cool, but doesn’t do much for a poison/acid build). Blood of Dreeg will heal both of you. If she likes the lightning, get Familiar and Storm Spirit.

Also the Blood of Dreeg from the witchhunter would help you both as it gives health regen. and physical as poision resist.

And other idea would be to add the demolist to your nightblade and be a ranged class as flametouched gives you both offensive and defensive stats. Also yu´ou have the opportunity to deal massive amounts of damage if she draws the enemy attention to her.

My last idea is based upon the class from the DLC “Ashes of Malmouth” and add the Inquisitor to your Nightblade because quite a few of the Inquisitors skills empower you and her.

I want to remind that this DLC does costs a bit and if you want to buy it, she has to as well as you can not play togehter if only one of you have it.

At this point I have no further ideas and sadly I have not played myself the Inquisitor a lot to tell more about it. Only thing I can suggest is to look into the item database of “Grimtools” as there are many armors and weapons that grants abilities like auras or active abilities that again empower you both.

To make an example: “Vestments of Dreeg” is a caster armor that boost poision and acid damage, the skill Blood of Dreeg and gives an aura which boosts the already named damage type and resistance again it.
This would wor well as a Witchblade which focuses on poision, acid damage.

Thanks for the ideas, I will look into builds for those classes.

Oh and we have the expansion as well.

Are you planning on taking these through Ultimate/Gladiator?

If not, then don’t worry too much about build guides - most of them are sporting high-level gear that has a rarity of ‘LOL WUT?’ at best.

We were planning on trying to do ultimate/gladiator. But if farming stuff takes to long maybe not?

With two of you you will probably be able to get farther than a solo. Finishing AoM on Elite and first 2-3 acts of Ultimate I’d guess. I don’t know what that translates to in Crucible, as I’m not that good at it.

Play what feels right and with what lets you get the most mileage out of your equipment. Things get tough around the end of act 4 and ramp up from there. Suddenly you’ll be prioritizing resists and enemy resist reduction instead of just straight DPS.

Plan on respeccing around level 75. Hopefully with two of you a couple of Steps of Torment/Bastion of Chaos runs gets you a good stash of gear. After the end of Act 4, you can then choose to start on Elite. Some love doing that, I play out to the end of Ashes of Malmouth just to grind reputation and collect stuff.

Find builds you like, post your versions in the the threads, and if that doesn’t work, ping someone who likes answering questions or start a new thread to find out what you’ve messed up (as I have many, many times). Most people on this board are pretty helpful. Those who aren’t are easy to ignore.

PS, I suck at build advice.

So I think I’ve decided on a night blade+necromancer shadow strike build and a solider+inquisitor 2h build.

Also considering night blade + occultist