+% burn damage with +% increased duration

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I tried googling for an answer, but couldn’t find one that would satisfy me. I believe that this topic is fairly simple to a lot of people, but for some reason I just need confirmation on logic :slight_smile:

+% burn damage with +% increased duration
1000 burn damage over 10 seconds base = 100 dmg/sec
example 1: +50% burn with +50% duration > 1500 burn over 15 sec = 100 dmg/sec?
example 2: +50% burn with +100% duration > 1500 burn over 20 sec = 75 dmg/sec?
example 3: +100% burn with +50% duration > 2000 burh over 15 sec = 133.33 dmg/sec?

As long as %duration is less than %burn, we are gaining damage per tick, correct?
If in any case we get into situation where %duration is larger than %burn (is it even possible or am I overthinking?) we would actually loose damage per tick?


I actually am really interesting in answer of this question, since I want to know more about mechanics.

So my understanding is that burn damage % increase damage per tick of skills base damage or flat. Increased duration effect should reflect on how long burn ticks will occur on same target without you having the necessity to reapply your skill.

So burn duration for instance can make your transmuted Blackwater cocktail more potent and nice way to do fire and forget stuff on bleeding or burn builds.

But increased duration SHOULDN’T decrease your damage in any circumstances, that’s my opinion since it’s not related to damage per tick.

I think @PlagueMirth might be interested in this case.

That would make it double increase (more damage and longer more damage), which sort of makes sense, since most modifiers are beneficial.
But I couldn’t find any definitive info.

Yeah I don’t know for fact but my understanding is:

You have for example BWC doing 25k burn damage for 5 seconds. That means you do 5k per tick.

If you increase % duration and gives you 0.5 seconds more burn you should do 27.5k burn on 5.5 seconds time, that’s my opinion, might be wrong though.

As far as I know, this is correct. My educated guess is that it calculates tick size before extended duration, which would mean that [% duration] is essentially additional flat.

So, if Nery’s example of transmuted BWC deals 5k damage per tick (over 5s), and you have +25% duration (1s additional duration), you should gain 5k damage as extended duration.

What I can tell you for sure is that I’ve never seen %duration decrease tick size in any of my tests :man_shrugging:

I’m not a DoT specialist though.

@Rhylthar is the person I’d consult for this.

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99% sure it’s “example 1.” +%duration doesn’t increase or decrease DoT potency.

Btw I always wondered why Crate decided to complicate things so. The format should be

100/s for 10s


1000 for 10s

so that you don’t have to use a calculator when things get like 1294 dmg with 59% conversion for 5 seconds with +83% duration :thinking:.

%duration does not affect dps.

It´s too early for me to do any maths but you should take a look at Ryzel´s (still viable, I think) Primer to DoTs: Excellent Stuff!

The main reason why you want increased duration is the fact that the highest DoT always takes precedence and your crits will tick for the whole longer duration. In praxis, your +% Damage will always be higher than +% Duration.

Gave it a quick skim, didn’t find anything inaccurate.

Didn´t think so but after only 3 hours sleep and only 1 coffee till now, I couldn´t read it without my head spinning. :joy:


Yes, correct. %burn damage increases each tick damage.
%duration increases “only” duration - which leaves DPS as it is, but its beneficial for Kiters.


So if I default attack with Hellbourne, 418 burn damage over 3 seconds with +170% duration

Do I do 418/3 burn damage per second with 3 x 2.7 seconds duration
Do I do 418/(3 x 2.7) burn damage per second with 3 x 2.7 seconds duration?

I always assumed the former- if I had double the duration I took it as doing twice as much damage per cast. Really changes the way I think about duration if its the latter case

Hm, Hellborne does 418 dmg over 3 sec:
From where are you coming now with 32.7 sec?

In my book it can only be 3*2.7 = 8.1 sec

Base burn damage x % Burn Damage : Base Duration = Damage per Second
Base burn damage x % Burn Damage x % increased duration = Total Damage over full Duration

The above calculation ofcourse doesnt account for crits or enemy resistances since those are big variables and seperate for each enemy and depending on crit luck/damage and the amount of RR your build has.

Duration is useful if you have either a lot of skills to apply DoT’s with, so that they all stay active at the same time, or to make use of high OA and crit damage modifiers to make your DoT’s that crit last longer. Or potent, short duration DoT’s that you arent applying often (Item procs and the like).
So duration isnt a direct damage increase on paper, but in practice it can contribute to a higher output.

He isn’t, he just forgot to escape the asterisks denoting multiplication, and so instead wound up italicizing a bunch of his text.

The outcome with an average-rolled Hellborne (and nothing else) is (418/3)*3.98 (298%) = 554.5 damage a second for 3*2.7 (170%) = 8.1 seconds, for 4,491.828 total damage.


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