Bysmiel's Command for RR?

Hi guys

New to summoning here and looking at some of the options.

Q: How good is the Eldritch Hound summoned via Bysmiel’s Command (devotion skill) at RR?

Obviously, this is the type of RR that is exclusive (only 1 of this type will work at a time) and so one has to choose one or another.

I’d never even heard of this one being used as a RR mechanism before, so I assume it’s not universally popular (perhaps because it is a pet-bonus scale summon). But is good for summoners? The only caveat, as far as I can see, is that there is a 10 second delay between summon life and recharge, though I suppose this can be reduced somewhat by cooldown reduction…


P.S. also, does Inspiration proc from Harp devotion buff pets? I assume not…

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Maya has written a very extensive guide on pets which you can read online or download

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Yes it does. Any buff with a radius to it will extend to any nearby players or pets and increase their stats as well. Blood of Dreeg in the Occultist tree works the same way.


Its only issue is that the RR isn’t reliable against groups of enemies and it dies rather easily.
The CD can be reduced to like 3 seconds, so that is not much of an issue. You will find it taken mostly in modgroden devo based pet builds.

Thanks guys. I’ve read parts of the guide posted above so far - very helpful - it’s also a single target RR so I suppose that is a major drawback…

Currently mulling over an elemental - and experimental - Conjurer mainly using Familiar and the granted skill Obliteration, OR a Hound-based Pyromancer focusing on fire and chaos damage (Demo mainly for the Hellfire debuff).

Tending towards the latter since I’m trying to create builds around every damage type and I’m yet to do chaos (in fact I thought I’d have to skip chaos since it seems poorly optimized, but this looks like a good choice).


Do note that going hybrid (like obliteration + familiar) and focusing on Hellhound in general are both bad ideas since the game lacks proper support for both options.

If you must go for a chaos pet build, I would suggest this: [] KaosKats (Updated 6.17 Cruci) - Taking pets to the Darkside

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Perhaps this is a digression, but is chaos the weakest damage type in the game? It seems as though support is thoroughly lacking…

Occultist happens to be the only mastery I haven’t fully played yet, and though I’m sure it is quite strong, it also has a lot of chaos-based skills yet, for example, it has no innate RR for that damage type.

Every other mastery, with the exception of Arcanist, has RR for its own damage type(s). Solider - Warcry, Demo - BlackWater, Hellfire, NightBlade - Night’s Chill, Shaman - Wind Devil, Swarm, Inquisitor - Death Sentence, Aura of Censure, Necromaner - Spectral Wrath, Oathkeeper - Celestial, Shattering Smash.

It seems as though fire damage is always a better choice over chaos.

Adding RR to Curse of Frailty would probably make it OP, but maybe Hellhound needs a boost, including chaos RR to one of its attacks?

Chaos is most likely balanced by having lower RR values in exchange for a higher number of damage modifiers. A chaos Rah’Zin’s Witch Hunter already one of the best single target DPS builds.

Does Consecrated Blade transmuter work universally, i.e. on skills as well as weapon dmg?

It’s global conversion, yes. So it will convert physical damage to chaos whenever possible.

Except it doesn’t have lower RR values, if anything it’s one of the highest. Eldritch Fire is 35% in devotion. In mastery skills Hellfire Mine is 40%+ and Death Sentence is 25%+. Then there’s a plethora of item procs with Chaos resistance reduction like Combustion Band, Voidheart, Orb of the Black Flame, Fang of Chthon, Ignaffar Combustion relic, Fiendgaze Tome, Codex of Lies, Voidsoul Bulwark, Exterminus, Harbinger 2H ranged crossbow. Then are mods to Curse of Frailty, Death Sentence, Thermite Mines in some items, and a bunch more in the Conduit amulets.

Sure, some overlap but there’s a wide variety of Chaos resistance reduction for a multitude of builds that means Chaos RR isn’t an issue except for an handful of specific cases.

My Chaos AAR Mage Hunter has 146% Chaos RR and that’s with only one mastery providing Chaos RR.