Cabalist Skelemancer struggling.

Hi, I’m trying to progress through Ultimate Campaign as a Cabalist Skelemancer, trying to follow , but I’m struggling a lot. Ignore the resists, they are all capped (expect for pierce, which I cant for the life of me get above 50%).

HEy there ,

if you compare your build to the final build of the familarskele beast of sigatrev
the following points may help during the leveling phase:

remove points from ‘will of the crypt’
remove points from ‘manipulation’
remove bone harvest

max blood of dreeg as beeing a healing and pets buff par excellence
max hellfire and stormspirit

maybe take a relic with an aura like deathchill or the like but the one you choose is pretty strong as well.

I did not take a look at your devotions



Main idea while leveling is to be defensive while Skellies beat stuff up. Most builds account for items to cover a lot of issues. However, often you need to go off the devotion path to fill some shortcomings, and respec back once you get better gear.

So as said, pump up the aura damages where possible, to boost skelly damage.

You should try to boost your DA some, for surviving packs or allowing freer play-> through gear/components/augments and/or devotions. I don’t know how flexible your resists are presently, but I could see these temporary devotion changes:

-remove points from Sol Witchblade, Sailor’s guide, lion and last 3 points from Ulo = 11 points
-put 5 in Solemn watcher for some DA, 1 in Crossroads blue
-either 3-4 in raven for more Skelly flat damage or 4 in Wolverine for more DA yet,
-and 1-2 in Bysmiel’s bonds for skelly speed and damage.
(you will have to stagger the swap sequence and judge the swap order)

I think this should kill faster while keeping you safer. If you can juggle that. By the end of act 5, you’ll want to aim for >2600 DA to avoid crits, unless your play style involves a lot of kiting. In the meanwhile >2k DA should make things much less painful.


-and don’t forget about the Rovers consumable potion Wrath of the Beast. It’s cheap—go buy a lot and use them to increase your pet damages.
-Devil’s Crossing has a Sithblood potion. Go buy some for some miss chance in dicey fights.
-craft/buy potions to cover resists, if short on resists or maybe to allow better juggling of gear… or if you need some extra % for overcap and RR fights. etc.

thanks for the help everyone!
your tips along with those provided by the Parrot ( ) helped me not only beat ultimate, but farm lokarr and mad queen reliably.
still struggling on 150+ gladiator tho, but otherwise really satisfied with skellemancer!