Callagadra fight mechanics

Hey guys, i have some questions about Callagadra fight mechanics. What are her actual stats, are they in line with what grimtools says? Are there any hidden mechanics? I have a lvl100 char in progress and i wanted to see what’s what so i spammed her in elite and dragged to town to use that trick with a guardian tanking for you (but apparently it’s fixed?) to see what dmg i do to her. Instead she (what seemed to had happened) killed the guards, became a lot faster and stronger.

At least i got to test the dmg with multiple deaths. But her behavior didn’t seem to meet grimtools stats when she was in town. For elite i have 13k health, 35% phys res. pre her reductions, 84% pierce res. after reductions, overcapped vitality and bleed res., 2.2k armor and 250 absorption from the seal. And her basic attacks and teleports do relatively low dmg to me but her tornado basically oneshots me - not several quick ticks, just oneshot, 11-12k health.

But the main thing is i didn’t move her health bar a single bit, for all my ~40 lives combined (i fought her immediately after dying because she was in town and I had several 10+ secs fights when she didnt spam the tornado right away). She seems to have an enormous life regen, not those pitiful 150 hps listed in grimtools. I have 70% pierce RR (38% applied immediately), 3.2k OA, 2.5k DA and about 300k dummy dps. Ultimate Mad Queen kill takes 12-14 secs. I’m certain i had runs when i dealt at least 500k dmg to Callagadra, kiting her with spells and doing several attacks on a charge. Health bar didn’t move, it was constantly ticking backwards to the full.

So my question is, is this her normal behavior? Or those sudden buffs are just devs trolling people who want to use an exploit and drag her to the town (in that case i’ll take it :D). Does she receive any buffs after your char’s death? Does her heath replenish? What are the average stats for a melee char to approach this fight? It seems i need to be like 10 times stronger than i am now to fight her. Collecting essense is a bit of a chore and i don’t want to waste time on future attempts if they are doomed to fail.

If you’re looking at the GrimTools page, turn permanent buffs on. This one specifically is the culprit:

Cast on spawn

Apply toggled self buff

+500 Health Regenerated per second

Increases Health Regeneration by 3000%

+50% Total Speed

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Jfc i’m blind. I scrolled that description like million times and still missed it. Thanks.