Calling all 30 somethings

This is not Grim Dawn related but this is driving me nuts

I was born 1980 so people my age might remember what this toy was. My son (5) loves an old board game at G’mas house Tornado Rex but really just loves the spinning top part of it.

I remember a toy they were metal spinning tops that used a plastic zip cord to get them going. I can visualize the TV ad with 2 boys battling them to see which one would hit the other and still keep spinning. Problem is when I google it a version from the 70’s pops up and it is not it and I can’t find anything. There may or may not have been a board associated with them memory is fuzzy.

Calling on nostalgia help

-loving the updates to Grim Dawn but dog gone steam releasing TQ anniversary got me playing that currently.

Maybe this? Clicky

Ps : 5/12/1980 :smiley:

The image top right could be it can’t enlarge without it being fuzzy but looks about right. Thanks

Only thing that comes to mind is Beyblades.

I was born in 78 and I want to say what the OP asks sounds familiar but I’m not sure…
I don’t think it’s the Beyblades tho since it’s wiki page claims their run started in 99.

The Battletops one is a possibility I suppose… It’s page says they came out in 68 tho so you’d have to find out if they were actively advertising and producing newer versions in the 80’s. Maybe search YouTube for possible commercial footage from the 80’s?

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While I don’t know what they are called exactly there was a time when any dollar store would have multiple versions of the spinning metal tops trying to either knock each other down/out of a small ‘arena’ I remember there being two different styles. One type had a plastic line with teeth threaded through that you’d yank out to get them spinning - these were the larger tops. The other type had little spring loaded launchers that looked almost like cigarette lighters and were the smaller, cheaper, ones.

Beyblades is just a recent rip-off of a very old idea.