Can I give Devil's Crossing to Cronley?

I am trying to see if some options are even available in the game. As you can see in the screenshot Cronley offers you an option, but I haven’t been able to figure out if I can actually fulfil this option

Anyone tested this already?

Attachment: Cronley breeder.jpg

I’m afraid you can’t but it would be awesome^^ GD isn’t a RPG though, you can’t influence story that much :wink:

Haha, I remember something like this taking place in Sacred 2, and devs trolled by giving you two options: No and Definitely not.

Do you know for sure or are you just assuming? I currently assume the same, but assumptions aren’t knowing :wink:
Would be interesting though to play the dark side. Admittedly, that is what I had hoped when Crate discussed the whole “you can choose a faction” thing.

Modders would’ve found by now something this big if it existed.

NO! DUDE, WTF, this ain’t Megaton!:smiley:

Would be hilarious if it was possible though. Major factions jumble!

Joining bloodsworn. Crate, please :3

I for one would like to join the Bloodsworn too, but it’s too bad many of their major bosses/champions are more of spell casters than actual warriors.

Why bother to join the Bloodsworn, the average character has spilled about as much blood as the entire cult combined. If anything, they should be begging you to show them the secrets to the one true path.

I miss the opportunity to butcher Kymon for everything he had done as well.

I would like to join either party. Could be done as a side path to the main story.

Chthonians: Fight more against the Aetherials and infiltrate the Kymon’s Chosen and in the end support getting rid of one of the enemies of the Chthonians.

Aetherials: You are fighting already a lot against the Chthonians so it would make easy sense. Plus infiltrate the Order.

Some of the side quests could be collecting artifacts of the opposing factions. Maybe poison water wells, break down barriers of humans. But lets be honest the normal humans like Devils Crossing etc. aren’t the problem anyway. More a side nuisance.

My character would be worshiped more than Loggy at this point if it were possible. I do enormous amounts of chaos damage, I rip through aetherials and humans alike in showers of gore, and sometimes I just go around blasting things with doom bolt for laughs.