Can I request a mod?

I wanted to create a mod that makes the shaman’s primal spirit to have an endless amount of live time so that they can become permanent pets. I attempted to use the mod tools to make this but the guide wasn’t in depth enough for me to understand what I was doing. Can anyone make this mod for me? Thanks.

1.) Open Asset Manager

2.) Click on tools

3.) Extract gamefiles by selecting the Grim Dawn Directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Grim Dawn if you didn’t change it) and let that finish

4.) Once it’s finished extracting,go to the Database tab on manager and open playerclass6, then open Summon Manticore with the DBR editor.

5.) Go to Spawn configuration and remove the (time to live) column

6.) Save changes, and Build the files back into directory, and when "Do you want to erase all non associated files, hit NO. Let it compile, and voila, removed timer.

I should note, this is how I do it, but it will end up changing your core files. You may want to build the change outside of the directory, by changing build location to a new folder on your desktop.

Also, this is just a suggestion for you, if you ruin your core files by screwing up the order or steps, I am not responsible.

Yes, it is important to choose if you want to mod the main game or to make an actual mod. In you case this will be a single dbr mod, but do you want to play this in the main game or as a custom game?

Someone made this mod like… a week ago.

Heh, if I made this mod, I’d make it such that the Primal Spirit only becomes permanent when you are at 22/12.

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