Can Irrah's Blood have Bleeding damage on it?

It’s right there in the name

With the new buffs to Bloody Pox, I constructed a build to test out the new changes, and building for Vitality and Bleeding damage is really difficult. It’s not very feasible to include both Mogdrogen the Wolf and Rattosh while also grabbing flat RR and sustainability, and without Mog, the amount of Bleeding damage in the build is atrocious.

Perhaps Bleeding is not going to be a big focus in the build, but it’s a waste to not fully maximize Bloody Pox + Blood Boil’s bleeding potential. A big help would be adding Bleeding damage to Irrah’s Blood, as there’s not many sources of Vitality + Bleeding in augments, especially if you need DA like my build does.

I mean…it…could? But how is 150% more Bleed damage going to make or break this build?

I mean… it won’t break the build, but a 10% increase is a 10% increase.

It’s more that building Vitality + Bleeding together is a rough task, especially as you can’t just dump an attribute to increase the damage together since Vitality goes off Spirit and Bleeding goes off Cunning. Bloody Pox is both a Vitality and Bleeding skill and nothing converts to or away from Bleeding, so if you’re going to try and maximize both damage sources, you need all the help you can get. There’s not too much support in gearing for it, so at least having a good Vitality/Bleeding augment would make things just a little easier.

That’s me just barely getting 3 Crucible runs done in one set of blessings (the last blessing has exactly 1 second left). Never doubt the power of 10%.

I mean…you don’t even have the buffs from the changelog, so I’d say you’re going to get a bit more than 10% soon…