Can non-hero healers get the healer icon?

1.2 added healer icons for some enemies (some champions, regenerator heroes, etc.), but white mobs like groble healers don’t have this icon even though their heal is just as potent. Could the healer icon be added to every mob that heals?


+1 to this.
In crowded environments, it is easy to miss a random white mob at the edge of the screen only for it to heal a nemesis or something you are fighting to full hp…

Please don’t make them that obvious. Learning, spotting and prioritising monsters are some of the acquired skills which set veteran players apart from new ones. Don’t turn players into monkeys: “I see icon. This icon bad. I go kill.”
Soon there will be an option to disable monster models completely, so that player only fights floating health bars and icons.

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I don’t even know why I’m taking your response seriously, but here goes:

I requested adding the healer icons to white mobs for the sake of consistency. Why do some healers get this icon while others don’t? Even if you don’t agree with the addition of the icon, I would at least hope that you can understand my desire for the icon to be used consistently. Otherwise what’s the point of the icon if it only sometimes conveys the applicable information?

Besides, this patch more than any patch before rewards the player for paying attention to the enemy models. They have more exaggerated animations with body parts that glow when they’re performing a dangerous attack. If anything, we’ve gone further from your doom-and-gloom scenario of fighting nothing but enemy health bars in this patch. The game has more visual clarity than ever before.

I just wish you’d provide more relevant feedback instead of catastrophizing and exaggerating. At this point I’m doubting you’ve even played 1.2, but who knows.


Call me an idiot, but im probably not an idiot.

Years ago, in my first couple hundered hours or so (thats still a lot of time investment in a game), i remember i couldnt understand why those big Groble guys were healing themselves to full. Only quite later -even after those hours- i noticed that there were healers in those groble groups and big grobles just took longer to kill before their healers -near non existent- heal cooldowns. And ofc my builds suck back then as well to kill them fast enough.

There is clearly a lack of visual information in this game, which appears to be greatly improving with this giga-patch. I’m all for ALL healers getting some kind of overhead icon on them. They are dreadfully OP compared to any other healer mobs in other arpgs and should be more visually distinct in any way possible imo. (Until a couple patches ago, they could heal the strongest monster to full WITHOUT even having a cooldown)


I would love non-hero mobs to get a heal icon! Makes those Cthonian Bloodkeepers easier to target or avoid :smiley:

Personally I wouldnt mind but I don’t think the icon should be identical. I see the icon I think regen hero then notice it just a black Legion medic. Healers having same icon in red might be nice.

Unfortunately a Red Cross symbol is Protected, so it can’t be used in games or other media