Can not getting rewards

i must get 4 amount of Blood of C’tholon from the quest rewards but game doesn’t give me.can anbody help please ?

You don’t have to get them from quest rewards. Just kill Cultists and they can drop them. Blood Grove, Darkvale Village and Gate. If you get the Cultist Orders quest in Burrwitch Village and then kill Direni he’s guaranteed to provide one as a quest reward, but that’s the only quest I know of that does so.

i killed direni but couldn’t get it.That’s why i reported that.

silly question, but did you hand in the quest to Bourbon after killing him?

yes i did but cannot get blood of C’tholon.

did you check all your bags?
sometimes quest reward sneak in where there was room
*i tried doing the quest on all 3 difficulties yday and on my installs the quest reward works/gives blood each time
if it’s not in your bags, you might want to try a new char (super quick quest to do, especially if you have Merit to unlock teleports to burrwitch)
if you don’t get bloods on that character too, might mean you need to verify game files/do a reinstall, and if you do get bloods, you now have cheesy method of getting your bloods

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