Can this work? Doombolt/firestrike pyro

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for moar feedback…thanks in advance :S

So, as in every Arpg, after planning a build and playing a bit without even reaching the level cap i feel the urge to theorycraft another build for which i don’t even have a single piece of gear… so i was wondering… can something like this work?

I kinda never played either of occultist or demo, but I’ve always wanted to try a doombolt build and pyromancer seemed perfect… the idea is to spam fire strike while waiting for doombolt, which should hit for some good damage while also replenishing life through % weapon damage and the base 10% adcth.

I’m not even sure Aeon’s hurglass is a good idea since it would just reset doombolt and BWC, but i kinda like it for the defensive bonus.

Not even sure if BWC and firestrike are worth it without capping every single node, but for BWC agonizing flame looks kinda redundant since the RR doesn’t stack with the harbinger even though the dmg bonus would be nice. And on fire strike line, I have no lightning to chaois conversion so static strike looks kinda pointless…

Any feedback is appreciated,


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That looks like fine plan !

Still 0 zero stun needs to be corrected! If you have multiple items, shoot for higher attack speed. Maybe drop points from BWC and take more points in Vindictive flame? Also change component in hands to attack speed one. Flat fire from Flame touched will became chaos in FS. Also grants OA.

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Looks interesting.

Consecrated wrappings in gloves perhaps?
And yes, stun and perhaps also freeze res seems to be non-existing.
Not that high res overcaps either

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Thank you both for the feedback!
Will change the glove component, the spellwoven thread was just there for the extra OA to go near the magical 3k mark, but i think flashbang could make up for it?

For stun/freeze guess I’d probably need a pair of green boots, the golemborn are kinda a placeholder for the pierce res and the extra tankiness, but I guess that some Stonehide green would be better.

For how much res overcap should I aim and which ones?

@Nery didn’t know about Flame touched/fire strike interaction! might drop some point in BWC and blood of dreeg (since it seems like after the softcap it’s not worth it anymore) and pump a bit flame touched and vindicative flame… might even drop completely BWC and cap those, even though i liked the idea of an extra AoE with -% phys dmg on top of it…

Oh btw do you guys think fire strike, with explosive strike and brimstone is enough on its own for AoE dmg? As i said i never played demo so far :S

Thanks again!

Flame touched have flat fire damage. Medal converts fire to chaos to FS, so it will convert it. Idk to drop BWC, its nice debuff.

whops, i’m an idiot, was considering just the full fire to chaos conversion for BWC on the medal :S

ur ressistance are bad.

Thanks for the constructive feedback!

well maximum 80% but u can overpass 80% u can reach 150% & its better if u got pierce bleeeding 80%+30% & poison aether chaos 80%+15% and u should know this at last ultimate difficulty monster’s all always going to hit u hard and sometimes u died , it doesnt mean ur char is not good or ur build is not good its just ultimate diff is hard AF specialy nemessis boss, some times i think to make special gear for every boss.

Depends where you’re playing, also the class capabilities. But for Crucible and SR, my recommendation will be: Aether most important, at least by 30-35%. If you see 80% or so the better. Elemental, especially fire is important- 25-30% is good amount, same for acid and vitality. Chaos and bleeding, 10-15% is enough. Pierce not even mandatory to cap. 75-80% is enough.

Ofc it’s hard to manage all resistances. On certain build is virtually impossible.


and life leech ressistance etc…

Life leech is nice against Mad Queen, but rarely have any in my builds.

CC resistances are important too. In Crucible not so much, because you have Ulo that gives bonuses to everything besides slow. So slow is really important everywhere. Stun needs to be 30% or so in Crucible. In SR it’s needed more if you want to beat 65 consistently. Freeze is basically needed against Moosi, Petrify against basilsks from act 5, but not common. Sleep is not a thing in GD.

Physical resistance is also important. Occultist have the privilege of easy unlocked 12% Physical.

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yep the point is u cant have all of this in one build or its to hard to figure it out so u will always struggle on some area or bosses :stuck_out_tongue:

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