Can we finally have proper 2h Axe and Hammer animations with 1.2?

Probably not the most pressing issue with GD, but since we are at a patch where developers already pushing the boundaries of the game and adding much more crazier stuff, i would really like to finally see proper 2handed axe and hammer animations.

As you know, currently player characters only have 2 handed sword holding/attacking animations. This tilted me way too much since the day i purchased GD. All i want to see is the same animations, just with characters hands having more distance between them.

Spear animations are not needed (Korvan stuff) as the game technically don’t have spears.


Not sure it’s a realistic inclusion for 1.2 but at least for FoA. There’s already going to be animation work done on new enemies and the player shapeshifting, would be super nice to slip in some of that 2h goodness along the way.


Yes, please. This has been bothering me since Early Access. No better time to improve it than FoA since the redhead FoA chick is holding a polearm.

We are not planning to add 2 entirely new animation sets that are purely cosmetic.

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Most of the art in the game is purely cosmetic; just for atmosphere; just for flavor. Well these animations are also part of that atmosphere and flavor and it would be really cool if they were made better. It does contribute to the overall gaming experience.


New animations are nice. But before animations you have to make sure functionality works and coincides with the new animations.
Just adding more work to a designer. I am pretty sure Zantai is backlogged with things he must do for this patch.

If you want to be dramatic about it, yes I suppose we could just have one set of item art, one monster, and one environment set. The rest is fluff.

Or…actually think about what you are requesting. Dozens of animations for both the male and female PC rig and tech to differentiate the 3 2h melee weapons. All for something that will not have a mechanical improvement for the game.

Yes, in an ideal world these would have unique animation sets. I can make a long list of “ideal world” features though. :laughing:

Yes, I want MOAR. And I’m willing to pay for it. I just hope others are as well. :wink:

I was never bothered by the 2H weapon animations, but I would love new casting animations. It really bugs me that the characters weapon disappears when casting. Where does it go?

How about an animation loyalty pack? I wouldn’t mind crowdfunding some new visuals for the game.


better start modding…

As to the comment that there aren’t any 2H “spear”. I could argue that certain halberds could be considered more spear than axe.

don’t you take my baseball swings away from me :grin:

I wouldn’t dream! :rofl: