Can we get a chaos/vitality dw witchhunter set before the next expansion hits?

We are 2 years into the game now and a class combination from the base game doesn’t have a set or many items to support it. Its about time for it. Same with putting a chaos default attack replacer anywhere in the game.

As far as I know the last update is it until the expansion comes out. Zantai said in the stream last night that chaos is getting some love.

You have the Mythical Voidsteel gauntlets transmuting 100% phys. dmg > chaos.

Otherwise agree that chaos dmg is less presented in the game vs many other dmg types, but the devs have stated that Chaos should stay a bit obscure given its nature.

I have a Chaos darkblaze ranged DW Pyromancer i can tell you he is one of the most powerful chars i have played. Not extremely durable but is capable to clear Gladiator 150 without buffs - so you can try that one:

Thank you for this information. I haven’t been keeping track of the streams so I didn’t know.

You can watch it here.

They’re available for about 2 weeks after a stream has happened.

On that topic, is there a set for vit conjurer, ever since the AoM hit conjurer seemed to lose its spot as a vit caster.

Valguur set. Sigils and Totems

That only applies to cadence hits. And only cadence hits.

It’s currently very difficult to do a chaos cadence build.