can we hide quests?

The window on the right side cannot contain too many quests. Can we hide or fold quests when we do not want to accomplish them? One tick is enough.

There is a small button near the quest list that will make them disappear. Click the box to open them again.

You can also go into your quest list and show/hide individual quests. This is useful to hide FG quests if you’re still playing main campaign for instance.

I did not notice that. Thanks for ur reminding!

But I must set which quest to be hidden every time when I load the game. Can it be recorded in the save files?

Unfortunately not.

I wish it was possible. When I’m focused just on getting to the next difficulty, I hide a lot of quests.

If you just want to unlock Elite and Ultimate, do you intend to finish these quests eventually?

  • If not, why does the experienced player I assume you are accept them in the first place?
  • If yes, why is it more important to get to the Loghorrean than doing those quests?

I’m not an experienced players in terms of MC, only mechanics / character building.
I like talking to NPCs and prefer to grab the quests just in case I need to return to them
(you never know - a quest might unlock a Blacksmith or something important).

This is irrelevant anyway because it’s a common sense that these things should be saved in-between game launches.

OK, thought you were familiar with them. Well, the question is, how to mitigate the issue when the requested feature is not available. I wonder if it warrants a guide. I only worry that people have different minimum requirements…

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The guide for important quests would be cool.
I don’t think there’s something like that - it seems kinda scattered across different Wiki pages.

What I mean is quests that bring something unique
(also random notes that unlock quests that give something unique)

  • unlocking Blacksmith

  • give unique Item like Blazeheart

  • give Attritube / Skill points

  • give inventory bags

If a quest only gives Exp / Tribute / Random Stuff, it’s not mentioned

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upload your character data to this page, this will give you a good overview

Stuff like Blazeheart, how to get A Strange Key or restoring the Asterkarn shrine would be optional for me. But main quests; shrines on your path; bags; unlocking service NPCs, expansions and difficulties; extra points should be included.

@Volek - GT’s checklist does not include some of these items, does it?

I don’t know. As far as shrines go - you’ll get full devotion map eventually anyway.
If someone is doing a build using Blazeheart, (s)he should know that he can get the sword much faster
it’s not mentioned in Grim Tools. I think everyone would want to loot such a guaranteed legendary. But it’s not a biggy I guess / matter of preference.

no, sadly it doesn’t include any items at all, only the shrines and important quests that give attribute/skill points. For some reason those quests that give extra bags are not listed, I’d say those are very important for players that don’t have access to merits yet.

I was thinking about creating a “quest-rush” guide years ago but never did it. Now that the game nears 100% completion, I might actually find some time do finally do it, or at least contribute if someone else starts something similar.