Can we take a look at Glyph of Kelphat'Zoth?

I get everything about the item, its very well designed except for the points in Stormcaller’s Pact. No one with a good pet build would ever use that skill over Primal Bond. So why is it there eating up a skill slot?

The item would be much better with 2 points in Familiar instead which is already a pita to get points for. It also fits thematically with the lightning everywhere on the item. I know a developer said they were going to look at the item to possibly nerf due to the elemental conversion so please take a look at the skills it gives bonuses too as well.

It would be a much better item with +2 Familiar. Familiar is not itemized outside of Voidmancer’s Cord. + to skills like Hellhound and Briarthorn are everywhere on summoner items in comparison. The lack of items supporting Familiar and its poor AI have contributed to a lot of people skipping the skill. It would be a nice QoL buff for summoners to help smooth out whatever the change is.