Can't choose Order of Death's Vigil

SO when I got to Homestead and the quest to unlock Kymon’s Chosen or Order of Death’s Vigil, I chose DV and suddenly my screen went blank and I had to force quit my game.

When I got back, the Emissaries were both game and I couldn’t enter either sanctuary.
I looked up on the internet and it said that the Emissary was on the left side of homestead, so I went to look and I found him, reaccepted the quested and he disappeared.

Then I went to Sorrow’s Bastion and I still can’t enter either sanctum.

The quest is in my journal.

Build v1.2.0.0

you sure you’re not mixing up the order representative with the actual Emissary from Forgotten Gdods? (disappears in a green portal)
what happens/can happen when the game gets force quit is that the most recent progress isn’t saved yet, thus reverts back to a pre stage
^sometimes this can bork quest progress where you have a trigger already but not the quest stage and can’t get it
other times you might still be on the pre stage, in this case might want to check with actual representatives on the stairs or the one at the Well in the centre (assuming Ulgrim doesn’t have the pre-quest for you up at Creed)

Definitely NOT the forgotten Gods quest giver.

What was weird is that I talked to kymon, didn’t want him, then talked to DV Haruuk? I think is his name, then my screen went black and I couldn’t fix it so I was forced to force quit.

When I loaded it back up, both emissaries were gone, and I ran out there, but it said I didn’t have the faction required to enter. So I checked Kymons, it wouldn’t let me in either.

None are angry at me.

Then I saw online i could go IN homestead, there is a building to the left of the map and I saw a yellow exclaimation mark and went in, he re-gave me the quest, but I still can’t get in :confused:

what likely happened is your char data didn’t save because of force quit, but your quest data did, 2 separate files
when you accept the quest your reputation immediately switches to friendly, which grants you access, but rep is part of char data not the quest file.
So if your char data wasn’t saved because force quit, it’s likely your new updated positive rep status wasnt’ saved
check your faction status and see if you’re friendly
if not, you can edit it with GDdefiler or GDstash to flip back to friendly, should grant you access, and as long as you have the actual quest still in log should be fine for progress iirc

I have neither Kymon’s or Death Vigil’s as a faction listed in my factions tab

and that would explain it
you can download one of the tools i mentioned and flip the rep switch yourself, should solve it

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So I downloaded GDDefiler to flip the switch. Won’t load my character who is bugged

it’s possible GDdefiler doesn’t work with 1.2/isn’t updated yet, unsure/don’t know
GDstash is updated and works tho, i use that tool myself

it works on many of my other characters. Have like…5 or 6 it won’t load though

not going to stress over it too much right now. It’s only normal and I don’t NEED anything form the stash tabs that I can’t get from other characters

no idea why that would be/what the difference is

Fixing this with GD Stash takes 30 seconds. Just saying, if it happens again in Ultimate. This is a rare bug though.