Cant play test, game crash on character main menu / solved, im just silly sometimes xD

Downloaded PT to try it out but crashed to desktop all the time so decided to do clean install, deleted all grim dawn related folders, reinstalled the game, but im still getting crash as soon as game reachs main screen…also checked steam file integrety and all seems fine… this doesnt happen at all with current non PT version.

<version>v1.1.9.8 (x64)</version>

You’re not on the playtest, you’re on the 9.8 branch that was created for users that did not want to upgrade to 1.2. This version of the game is incompatible with 1.2 saves, I believe.

See: Public Testing FAQ for instructions on joining the playtest.

yeh i just noticed i forgot to delete my characters on local save folder :stuck_out_tongue: and now game works but then it sucks if i cant use an already lvled char :slight_smile:

Again, 9.8 is not the playtest. You can use your old saves in the playtest.

oh so how do i acess play test ?

well thank you… im silly sometimes when sleepy :slight_smile: should have read properly that faq i skiped the code part xD