Can't save game

Hello , I don’t know if this has been posted before or maybe it just happens to me, however
all my save files got corrupted and could not load them anymore. This happened before the recent patch.

I’ve just returned to the game to have some fun and check out the new update, however I can’t save the game. Neither the auto and manual save is working. It does say it is saving/saved, but no save file is created.

I checked the game with Steam for errors without results.
After this I uninstalled the game via Steam restarted my pc and reinstalled the game, however the issue still persist.

Checked the folder where the save files should been created, but there is only an empty folder with my latest town name.

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Do you have cloud saving turned on? If so, turn it off and then try and save the game again. See what that does.

When you start a new town, a file is generated. See where that file is made. If it ends up in the correct folder, then it must be something else that’s blocking the game from saving (ex. antivirus software or file permissions).

Hello , thank you for your response. Indeed it was my anti-virus software that blocked access to the log files, didn’t suspect it since I was using the same software for years, wonder why it decided to block the game suddenly.

Sorry for making such a fuss and thanks again.

It’s not unusual for antivirus software to overreact to game updates, treating it as a foreign exe that it does not recognize.

Glad it was an easy fix!