Can't use Savior's Merit after beating Log on normal

I’ve just finished GD base campaign by killing Log on normal/veteran and, as of patch 1.2, this unlocked not only elite, but also ultimate. And this is fine. But I wanted to use a Savior’s Merit to unlock all the portals, skill points, attributes and inventory bags from quests in lower difficulties and jump to ulti, but I can’t use a Savior’s Merit because the game says I’ve already unlocked Ultimate…

Is this working as intended?

that’s right, it works correctly

Yes, that’s the way it works if you defeat Loghorrean on Normal. What will happen as you go through Ultimate is this from the patch notes:

Not sure what happens with the inventory bags if you go up to Ultimate that way. :thinking:

Problem is I wanted to start ultimate with all the skill points/attributes of normal and elite already unlocked, and I wanted to have all portals unlocked on lower difficulties (mainly for vendors). Beating the campaign precludes me of that. Apparently, I should’ve used the Merit before beating Log. If I knew about that I’d have done it…

Honestly it would be more convenient for players to change the old requisites for using the Savior’s Merit and let them use also if they have already unlocked Ultimate.

If you wanted that, why didn’t you use the merit from the beginning?

Like I said just above your post, If I knew about that I would have done it. I may be stupid, but not that much :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. This is just a small side effect of changes made in 1.2 patch so, maybe, the old merit behaviour should be changed too.

I don’t think it needs a change, since going to the last difficulty by killing loghorrean is for new players. Once you have managed to access the merits, with new characters that you create you simply use them from the beginning to start with everything unlocked.

old merit worked the same, or atleast partially the same,
if you already killed logh elite merit became useless, and ultimate merit would not reward you anything from Normal anyway

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