Caster Armor?

From what I gathered reading here it’s always better to take Physique with I suspose some exceptions.

But does that mean that armor requiring Spirit is not used best in slot BiS (either self found or found over time)? Are there some functional (complete most content but crucible is irrelevant for me) builds that shoot for ‘caster armor’ both endgame and building up? I ask because I’ve found some pieces that fit my damage types and class but not sure about trying to put spirit to equip them.

If you’re caster and is BiS,than you should use it!Most of the casters are with Arcanist inner focus solves that problem.Then you haven a lots of purple items and affixes giving spirit,components like mark of illusions and seal of annihilation.Then if you still need points put them in spirit,to meet requirements.

To be more clear, it’s “pump spirit/cunning to get your BiS” and then put everything left over into physique.