Caster armors` armor value too low compared to heavy armor in v1.0.0.2

After patch v1002, all heavy armors` armor value get huge buff, the legendary heavy armors are about 1300 armor.

however, legendary caster armors are not get buffed much , for example, clairvoyants body armor has only 624 armor value, This is less than half of the legendary heavy armors, I dont think its proper, I know caster armor should be worse, but not worse like this. the armor value of body armor is even less than any legendary leg armor and some hand armors!!!

The main reason I post this complaint because you nerf all the defense devotions, especially the one which add 300 armor to you and other hp and hp regen devotions, after v1002, all of my mage characters are more vulnerable to everything, some of them are not even farmable, since you nerf hp buff from devotions, fabius can now one shot all of my mage character, even if I put most of my devotion points into hp and hp regen, and I have 80% resistance to everything.

I know you want players to be aggressive, but it doesn`t matter you buff all the aggressive devotion, if you can not survive, none of them will make sense, especially for the mage class, which can not do the life leech stuff

I advise increase all caster armor`s armor value for about 200-300, for example, legendary body caster armor should be around 800, it will still be worse than heavy armor ,but it will make mage build playable.

Then,please revert some of the defense devotion nerf, like behemoth +4% hp, who the hell will click on this point?

At last,all the mage classes should be re-balanced after, some of the data are not matched with current game`s situation.

Thank you for reading my post. Happy weekends!:cool:

Then,please revert some of the defense devotion nerf, like behemoth +4% hp, who the hell will click on this point?

This could be +4% to constitution.

I want to do the sarcasm stuff but it may annoy devs,
So no, not for today, not for this thread:rolleyes:

Caster armor values half of heavy armor? Assuming light armor is somewhere in between that seems appropriate. Armor values were too similar previously.

alright, so what`s the advantage of caster armor? just low physique requirement? There has to be some place caster armor can be superior than heavy armor right?

Bonus to caster skills.

Doesn`t heavy armor have bonus to different skills and damage output?:rolleyes:

And I don`t ask for huge buff for the armor, I think 600 armor for the legendary body caster armor is too low, the same with other parts

and the nerf to defense devotion is too much

Assume you wear a piece of heavy plate armor. I’m going to hit you with my sword… you probably won’t feel too much pain there.

Now if I do the same to you if you wear a piece of cloth, well guess what…

Though I kind of get the notion that you want some kind of bonus on cloth armor. I’d guess they could just have more resistances to certain elements of danger (which, to a point, they already do), with light armor granting a bit more DA (since you should be more nimble than with heavy plate?).

bonus to energy regen. And, yeah, low Ph requirement. I think it’s the main point, not “just”. You can be heavy-armored caster, if you willing to sacrifice damage output, and chug spirit potions more often. After all, armour protects from physical, and casters are usually ranged-types, so I think it works out pretty well. But I am still to get to Ultimate on both my caster and melee, so it’s all theoretical on my part.