Caster Conjurer

I am leveling a vitality/chaos conjurer, level 50 now.

This is the build I decided:

I still have about 25 points to decide, considering items and such.

I know, devouring swarm would be awesome, but I don’t really like that spell.

Right now my spells are all layers, I put them down, and I got some time in between.

So, I’m thinking about 2 options:

  1. Maxing Solael’s witchfire and it’s imrpovement and adding 1 point to savagery and going mele.
  2. Maxing briarthorn and some other pet skills and stay at range.

I tried them both at the start of Elite, and both work quite well. but I would like some input about later into ultimate, which of the both options would be better.

Using the pet sounds safer, but I think hybrid pet damage may scale worse into late game than hybrid mele