Caster Druid build

I’ve done some searching and notice that there are not many druid caster builds around. Is that because it sucks or it just isn’t popular? Something I’m going to have a go at regardless but was just curious.

Am going to try something along these lines.

I have a Callidor’s tempest Druid (With 17K DPS Callidors and 26K DPS Devastation) (Defense is a little weak but makes it more fun)
Grim Calc

That is an interesting build and I may try it. Currently my druid uses 2H Primal Strike with the passive weapon damage bonuses in Shaman/Arcanist. I’m trying to go for a 2H build with both classes, but it may not pan out in Ultimate.

Except for this druid, not on your profile (or I am not finding it there).

No its not there yet, haven’t made a video yet.

Edit Now it is posted there. Just became lazy and wasn’t recording for a while.