Caster/ranged build suggestions?

I have only one main character, a level 58 Saboteur which I’ve closely followed jajaja’s build with. I think I preferred levelling with Greater Fireblast/Canister Bomb, rather than the actual build (you level this build using these skills up to around level 40-50, then respec into melee). So, I’m looking for other caster or ranged builds to try.

  • Speed and mobility is good.
  • Don’t really like the idea of pets if it means that I just hang back and do very little.
  • I would like to have something a bit more interesting than a “mash LMB” character. A few useful skills on my hotbar at least.
  • Can’t be very gear dependent due to only having one character 3/4 of the way through Elite.
  • I really don’t like totems (I didn’t like them in Path of Exile either).

Other option: Respec existing character into something completely different?