Caster - which wariant will be the most versatile


During my first playthrough with saboteur I’ve collected nice caster gear and decided to roll a caster class, because I was tired of lack of AoE to kill trash while running to destination point (and I had no luck to drop ulzuin pieces to make ultimate Fabius farmable for my saboteur).

So my question is which from these caster classes wil be most versatile to farm Fabius and BoC most comfortable (I want an aggrivix/devastation proc caster):

  1. PB Spellbreaker- I have all the gear which Nine have in his stream.
  2. Most’s CT Sorcerer - I lack only helm for this build.
  3. Battlemage- I put this option because it can have higher HP than Sorcerer and if they would nerf Kymon’s jewelery augment this option will not give a shit about it. I would be also interested which skill would be better as a proc for Battlemage, if it would be CT or PRM?

I would also like to know if someone tested item combo of full Clairvoyant+Aldanar’s vanity+Judicator’s ring?

If you decide to answer, please put a short description why you have pick this option and not just type 1,2 or 3.

Thanks in advance for a help :slight_smile:

I like Sorcs.

But I have ever run mine as a Shooty-Shooty Flashbang kind of chick.

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