Casters, Hulks and CC

Why do there need to be so many Hulks in Port Valbury?
They are very annoying for casters because you can’t CC them. Especially annoying in tight spaces. They come very fast at you. And when there are 2 or more you are even in more trouble. For example that place in Port Valbury with the geysers.

Casters already have a hard time in this game. Now even more because of the OA raise. So please give casters somewhat better CC (for example Olexra’s Flash freeze) against these type of mobs and/or don’t put them in tight spaces. Also more access to DA for casters (on gear,devotion etc.) would be much appreciated.


Better yet, reverse the OA to pre-patch seems unwarranted. Not everyone is running a cadence soldier hybrid

i agree that running a caster is even more difficult now, and Crate needs to find a way to balance that. every charging mob and/or heavy hitter can destroy you quite easily.
i guess they made the change to make DA matters more, and perhaps make the game a little more dynamic in harder difficulty, but that mess up quite a few builds.

like OP said, if they keep the OA change they should make DA more accessible or CC less resisted in Elite/Ultimate (not talking of bosses ofc).

Actually everyone did try to get DA even before the change, but earlier we could afford to sacrifice it a little to gain more damage. I don’t think every stat in the game needs to be given equal importance. There’s a reason why DA should remain secondary, making it an important stat like it’s now ruins the experience for squishy builds.

Either way. This needs to be adressed. I wouldn’t mind if the OA buff stays, but only when they make certain mobs and to a lesser extent some bosses less CC resistant for casters and give us better access to DA. Otherwise this game is soon gonna be called Melee Dawn.

Actually you can cc them, all you need is shard of asterkarn (more precisely, cold aura from this dagger) under the ice aura they can be frozen (but very briefly).

And what is meant by сuster? Pyromancer made through cocktails and mine destroys them in seconds (as well as everything else in this place).

I do not understand why things like life steal should work on heroes and bosses but CC does not.

I wish they implemented mechanic where attributes determine certain cc conditions.

750 spirit will allow you to break freeze resistance on immune monsters, but duration will still be limited
Increasing spirit will add a multiplier to freeze duration

So a Battlemage with 800 and Warlock with 1500 spirit both with Flash freeze skill will be able to freeze Flesh husks, but while battlemage will only be able to do it for a second, Warlock will do it for 3.

Physique will determine duration of stun resistance, cunning will boost life leech or life steal.

You only mention 1 weapon and 1 build out of hundreds. So that’s not a valid argument.

Both of my caster-Mortar Trap hybrids got rekt in the “Flames of Valbury” section. There are times where there is “no” safe place to stand. It really is the new death room.

The Hulks appear to be susceptible to “slow” and that’s about it. Can’t tell if they can be stunned. Pretty hard to deal with. At least the abominations can be frozen.

For Arcanists the key is to mirror as they charge, will usually buy you enough time to mortally wound them before it wears off, especially if you have some good stun resistance (I’m assuming sense you are fairly light on the defenses damage isn’t a big problem here)

If your caster includes shaman you can use the modifier to entangling vines, they resist entrapment but not completely so charging through it breaks their charge attack and buys you a second or two.

Demo based has fumble from flashbang’s modifier, very effective against them. Also a highly skilled blast shield can buy you a bit of time in melee range.

Only ‘caster’ type master I can really see having a super hard time is Occultist, who lacks something to break or absorb their charge but can at least slow them with CoF after the initial charge. Or nightblade casters, their tools would all either need to be perfectly timed or would only work after the charge attack.

~13k hp, all resists ranging from 75% to 89%, 2k+ armor, 2k+ DA, ~2k hp/sec and I get (literally) one-shot a lot… never happened before :frowning:

Thinking about rolling soldier/x with shield but don’t wanna force myself to play what I don’t like. Sacrificing anymore damage for defenses would bring me below 20k dps aka killing stuff takes forever…

just hoped on the forums to see if anyone else like this :confused:

There’s quite literally a snowball’s chance in hell of you being “one-shot” with those stats by a flesh hulk or for that matter anything else in the game.

I really like this idea to improve CC through spirit stacking, although it would need diminishing returns. Only real problem is there’s no way to reallocate attributes, and so would require a reroll or just stacking what you could through gear and devotions.

I’m running a dual-wield build :slight_smile: I must be doing something wrong, because dying is very easy. My HP bar looks like a yo-yo all the time, especially vs flesh hulks (Also have resist reduction ant 7% atk conversion to hp)

I like your thinking!

Wow, that is a good idea.

I like the idea, but what about ranged specs that dont use magic.

If you have a weapon that has X% chance to stun for Y seconds and you are using either default weapon attack or a skill with weapon damage component built into it, each strike will weight against enemy stun resistance and will take into account your current Physique (because Physique will determine stun duration and stun-immunity-break).

So when you encounter Aether husks that are immune to stun, your high physique (let’s say it’s 750) will override husks stun immunity, but only for a fraction of your Y second. If a weapon has a max 5 second stun duration, your 750 physique will allow you to stun for (example) 20% of that time.

Increasing physique will increase the percentage. So at 1500 physique, you’ll have 60%.

Your stun time can’t go beyond 100%, to prevent possible exploit when you strike a target that has very little stun resistance. So with 2000 physique, striking a target with 0 stun resistance, using the same weapon in the above example, you can only ever stun for a max of 5 seconds.

Same thing will apply to magic attacks that apply other types of CC like already mentioned Flash freeze skill where Spirit will handle this type of CC.

I remember playing Titan Quest IT Underlord Mod with Elementalist class. Had 2000 Spirit and it was very satisfying to freeze Typhoon with a freeze skill.

However this is just a wishful thinking. And it won’t be implemented. Most likely programming team has moved to another project (that Strategy game) which leaves only designer team to build our expansion with available tools they have now.

I hope GD2, will do things a little different.