Causal Players Ask Dumb Questions - its me, i'm casual players

Spirit dump is actually more common now, especially with arcanist since she has spirit bonus buff in inner focus. But, then you need to get defensive ability elsewhere.

Similar with cunning dump on nightblade builds.

Have a look here and see

IMO the stash has become too large but still not large enough to store every item you want to keep. I currently level multiple chars at once, so that I can transfer items between them while they are in a similar level range and before I run out of space. When I switch to the next difficulty I can get rid of low level items, which I won’t use anymore. This way I can use most of the stuff, that I would not be able to shelf when only playing one char at a time through all difficulties.

You should find them, if you farm them on the first difficulty. But then you will have even more stuff to stash away… :cold_sweat:

The only flesh hulk boss I can think of is Venarius, the Backbreaker. He does not have a treasure trove but his loot orb might have reflected the aether-green lighting in Stonerend Quarry.

I had a look at the page medea linked and I think I just totally made up this entire monster. It was like, years ago and the first time I killed a nemesis but I was in Elite and overleveled and must have killed valderan without seeing him while running away from a normal flesh hulk hero monster. It can’t have been venarius because I was in one of the homestead fields. OH WELL.

Man, are you telling me I have to actually organise my stuff? I barely do that with my own things. My clothes are still packed since my flight was cancelled in March! Sad times friends.

How else do you think you are gonna find it? :stuck_out_tongue: There is a search bar in the stash though

whaaaaaaaaaaaat. All these new features that I know nothing about. I’m not even on the current patch. I do like coming back to this game, there’s always something new. It’ll be even more fun once I buy forgotten gods. To actually answer your question though, I generally just scroll through pages forlornly. It’s not efficient.

When I tried that the last time, I realized it does not work for me. If I know what I am looking for, then the search is great. But trying to come up with a new build based on what I have collected overwhelmed me. Being able to assign loot to a char I will start / continue in the foreseeable future provides me with the focus I was lacking before.

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I have been trying that to be honest, just not very well. It’s difficult when I have half remembered cool stuff spread out on two or three characters but that is my own fault and I should just fix it. I’m also not very good at making functional characters but since I realised that just because you can have two masteries doesn’t mean you can have two or three damage types things have been smoother. hahaha

it is perfectly doable to do fully functional chars using only what themselves find. See for instance the “builds for beginners” section in the build compendium

the tool Grim Search [Tool] Grim Dawn Item Search is great for just see what you have collectede and where that item is located

it is not a tool like GD item assistant or GD stash which manipulates files, the grim search tool is read only

I have a spreadsheet with my current chars, so that I can look up what I have planned for whom. Otherwise I would be lost again. It also contains GT links with drafts for skills and devotion. That might look a bit excessive for a game, but it helps me.

Looks cool and I wish we had something like that in-game. Upgrade it to an character explorer then.

However, my problem was not that my collection was distributed across multiple chars / mules - I already had it organized to some degree. But with too many incomplete sets and dozens of miscellaneous legendaries there were way too many variables and I had no starting point.

That is why I love GD stash, it is very easy to get an overview of what you have (well not learned blueprints but that is easily checked in-game) and also search for items.

Though I would like GD stash to have a version where the char editing and crafting was disabled… it is always so tempting to “cheat” :wink:

Honestly, the only temptation I’ve felt to “cheat” has been to do name changes on occasion. Otherwise I’ve never felt like I needed to cheat in items just because the ability to do it is there.

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But you have god-like morals, I do not :smiley:

Yeah I have changed name and sex on some of my chars, very progressive of me right?! :rainbow_flag:

I mean, I don’t know why you think I’m saying it’s not, I only have like 6 characters so they’ve all done that, I’m just trying to figure out what to do with my stuff now that all the bags are full. Thanks for the offer of the build compendium but that is something I genuinely don’t understand the point in at all. I don’t know what the point of the game is if you are just following a template. I’m not trying to put down people who do like that, I just don’t get it. I like messing up my guys by myself.

Well Grim Dawn is a pretty complicated game, and some need more help than others. Some just look at builds for ideas, whereas others try to follow them pretty much in every detail.

Look, even yourself use the forum for help and guidance…

True, like I said I didn’t mean it as an insult I just honestly don’t understand the whole build guide thing. I don’t understand a lot of things but that doesn’t mean they aren’t cool or interesting. I don’t understand why whales migrate either, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t or that the fact they do is not interesting. I also don’t understand why in this game the relic Agravix’s Malice is an upgrade to Haunt when haunt has a spammable skill with -15% Aether resistance reduction but Agravix’s Malice gives you my favourite radiation pool with spinny death ball skill so I use it anyway.

Its not always always always an upgrade, haunt is good. But the Agrivix skill is very nice, especially if you have aether to chaos conversion

Came here for the awesome thread title. Lol. Love it.

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Thanks. I like to pop in every now and again to lower the tone