CC changes and Korvaak devo

Posting this for the nerds in discord build chat. Noticed some hilarious behavior with korvaak devo and stormbox for maximum proccing speed

In this boss room clip, you’ll see father kymon, moose, and reaper all get stuffed in their attack animations to the point I only get hit a few times.

Didn’t see anything quite this nice with elementalist last night since it doesn’t have a top tier proc machine like stormbox.

Is this expected? Was petrify adjusted with other CC changes or has this always been the case?


Combine with luminari set for maximum :joy:


At least on luminari going korvaak is not going to be super ideal path, although it’s on the test list!

Olexra is going to get her revenge on other arcanists that bullied her at school!


That’s how I feel in SR chunks among Timewarped heroes, basilisks, Leafmanes etc with a build that has %0 petrify resistance :rofl:

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Quick Jacks.

You’re making me want to throw Invoker Jacks together again… (Invoker ammy has Petrify proc)

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