Celestial powers binding discrimination

Dear Crate, why certain “on attack” Celestial powers still cant be bound to certain “offensive” skills?
Namely, we cant bind Maul, Bull’s Rush or Raise Dead powers to skills like Curse of Frailty, Mark of Torment, etc? Maul and Bull’s Rush cant be bound even to skills like Bloody Pox, Dreeg’s Evil Eye and Doom Bolt!
Why there is such discrimination? Tainted Eruption also releases AoE around the player (just like Maul/Bull’s Rush), Falcon’s Swoop also deals Weapon Damage, and Flame Torrent deal Weapon Damage and in centered on players, but all these 3 powers can be bound to almost anything!
It feels very frustrating when you have “on attack” power like Maul, a good offensive skill like Curse of Frailty, but you cant bind them together!

For me it makes sense:

maul and bull rush are on melee build oriented constellation and their base damage without the weapon component is physical based anyways.

playing as a Fire Strike Pyromancer Flame torrents help clearing some leaking weaklings that may leak through the barrage you fire on the stronger mobs so i can see its purpose in that particular case.

tainted eruption is similar usage for me as Flame torrents just for poison/acid builds.

maul and bull rush are just 1 time damage procs compared to Flame torrents and tainted eruption which keep their damage for a certain duration before.

Flame torrents even follow your movements while you kite.

just my opinion here of course :wink:

I’m trying to make use of Raise the Dead (because) yet Soul Siphon gives me the finger. :cry:

Isn’t Raise the Dead that useless proc from Revenant that gives you skellies? I thought they were completely unusable to the point you might want to save constellation point and not invest in last star of Revenant.

I sincerely can’t imagine why some would want to add procs like bull rush and maul to skills like cof, doombolt or dee…

And lol at “discrimination”… this has to be a joke!

Useless? Quite possible; I’ll have to see. In any case that last node gives me 2 affinity when I already want the ADCtH and attack speed nodes. /shrug.

Like a lot of builds with devotions that can be attached to CoF do. :stuck_out_tongue:

Because you could cast CoF on a pack of mobs and decimate them by just running through them.

Well, why “spell-like” celestial powers (without weapon damage and physical damage, etc) can be bound to attack skills, then? It’s kinda a disparity here!

I assure you, Tainted Eruption is also a “one-time” proc, it just deals poison damage (damage over time), contrary to “instant” Maul. And Bull’s Rush also deal damage over time (trauma).

I want. In this build:
It would be perfect to bind Maul to CoF, and replace Bat with something else.
And i’m kinda serious there.

You can already do that with Flame Torrent, Tainted Eruption, Elemental Seeker, and many other powers… Just use CoF on pack and watch them melt.